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How should women prepare for hiking? – the best tips for 2020

female hiking

With the development of outdoor sports, more and more women are participating. They have become unique and beautiful scenery in outdoor activities. At the same time, some women have become outstanding climbers. They have even completed some of the things that men have not completed. Climb the target.

Hiking and mountain climbing
Hiking and mountain climbing

           Hiking and mountain climbing can relax stress and regulate emotions. Outdoor sports are aerobic exercises, which can increase the protein in the blood, strengthen immunity, and help toxins in the body excrete in time. While promoting metabolism, it speeds up fat consumption, so mountain climbing has a unique effect on women’s slimming and shaping. In addition, by admiring the beautiful scenery during the mountaineering process, you can cultivate your sentiment, show your charm, improve women’s self-confidence and values, and make the individuality develop healthy and harmonious in a harmonious atmosphere.

           What preparations do women need to do when they participate in outdoor sports such as hiking and mountaineering? It can be divided into two aspects: equipment and psychology:

A female hiking equipment configuration

hiking alpine mountains
hiking alpine mountains

Equipment is broadly divided into group equipment and personal equipment. This article only focuses on personal equipment. It can be classified according to “clothing, food, housing and transportation”, namely clothing, food, camping, mountaineering, and walking accessories.

1. Clothing:

Preparation for clothing. It needs to be prepared according to the season, temperature, and weather characteristics of the destination. Take cold weather as an example: Generally, underwear should be made of quick-drying and quick-drying fabrics and the warm layer can be wool, fleece, and down jackets, and the outer windproof and waterproof layer should be made of GORE-TEX materials; Sun-shading hats, warm scarves, hoods, fleece gloves, and cold and waterproof gloves. Wool socks or special alpine warm socks. Outdoor hiking shoes made of GORE-TEX material can be worn on any complex terrain. Snow cover, walking crampons, knee pads. Headlights and batteries for lighting

     Food The choice of food should consider not only a road meal that quickly replenishes energy but also a nutritious and delicious meal. Road meals can be considered: beef jerky, chocolate, raisins, peanuts, dried tofu, dried fruits, etc., unpacked and placed in an easy-to-access place. For dinner, you can consider your favorite taste, prepare some fried rice, noodles, meat, vegetables, porridge, milk, etc., carry them according to your own ability, and prepare a slight balance of food to prepare for traffic jams, Take in emergency situations such as delay.

It’s best to work with several people for cooking utensils. Bring a set of cooking utensils on your back and bring a thermos cup. Water should also be prepared according to personal drinking and cooking.

happy female sitting on chair near tent on mountain slope
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

 2. The camping

A backpack is a must-have item for camping. There is a big difference in body shape between women and men. When choosing a backpack, you should choose a backpack specially designed for women, because the shoulder straps are narrower and the back length of the carrying system is shorter. , And the maximum volume is 50-70 liters. The waistband of the backpack should be thick, and the shoulder strap should be padded and adjustable. The brand is not very important, it is important to suit you. Bring the backpack rain cover.

      Tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, cold medicines, some necessary medicines, such as fever, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, Band-Aids, aspirin, and anti-insect bite medicines. Women should carry a Swiss army Dao and a survival whistle with them. Bring the hand table to prevent the distance from being pulled so as to facilitate contact with teammates. Sunglasses, UV protection.

female hiking
female hiking

         Daily necessities: Due to the characteristics of women, there are more sanitary products that need to be carried, such as towels, wet tissues, toilet paper, lotions, sunscreens, combs, facial masks, mirrors, sanitary products (pads, sanitary products), garbage bags, etc. Be prepared for emergencies.

3. Other accessories:

2 trekking poles with external locks, if you are climbing snow mountains, you need to bring ascenders, decanters, ice axes, 1 main lock with thread, 2 long sling sets, 2 grab ropes, and 8-shaped loop 1 and 4 spare ordinary quick hangers. Cameras, video cameras, etc. Outdoor watches, compasses, etc.

hiking backpacks

Mental preparation for female hiking and mountaineering

As a female climber, you should overcome the following three mentalities:

4. Dependence.

Women are naturally dependent on others. In the outdoors, the most taboo is those female players do not carry anything and rely completely on other male players. Doing so will increase the burden on others and also have a certain risk to themselves, that is, once you and the team Disperse, you will lack the necessary self-rescue materials, and because you are overly dependent on others, once a problem occurs, it will aggravate your own fear and lose your judgment and the ability to solve problems.

5. Fear.

There are some women who are naturally courageous, afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone, afraid of heights, afraid of falling off cliffs, afraid of injury, afraid of going downhill, etc…, there is nothing wrong with being cautious. In a safe environment, Women themselves also need to overcome some psychological barriers. When it is dark and needs to go to the toilet, women should go with a companion to prevent danger.

adult adventure beautiful climb
Photo by Nina Uhlíková on Pexels.com

 6. Regardless of others.

There are some female climbers who like to take photos in various postures outdoors. Sometimes regardless of the danger of the environment and the urgency of time, even regardless of the photographer’s wishes, the shooting is endless and it is easy to be disgusting. . Therefore, in a group trip, it is necessary to take into account the feelings of the team members, help each other, and self-love.

    What issues should women pay attention to during hiking and mountaineering?

7. Master the marching rhythm.

In general, women’s physical fitness is significantly worse than that of men. Therefore, during the climbing process, male team members should consider the speed and physical fitness of female team members, master the marching rhythm, and adjust the breathing and pace. Female team members must do nothing but do what they can.

8. Safety awareness is always there.

Female team members should not go to remote places alone or leave their teammates too far to prevent accidents. At the same time, for women who love beauty, pay attention to the clothes and silk scarves they bring to prevent danger from hanging branches during the photo process. At the same time, try not to take photos at some dangerous cliffs to prevent slipping.

people on cableway on ski resort
Photo by Alex Kozlov on Pexels.com

 9. Reasonably solve the problem of the menstrual period.

For women, there is also a physiological problem that affects mountaineering activities. This kind of physiological problem may vary according to the physique of each woman. Generally speaking, as long as there is no pain that hinders daily life or affects the mood, you can move as usual. However, in order to prevent the early or delay of the menstrual period caused by environmental changes, the physiological supplies must be prepared in advance and brought to the mountain in case of emergency.

Women will always be mentally unstable and irritable during menstruation, and their motor nerves and judgment will become dull. Women who bleed a lot may also stumble and fall due to dizziness caused by anemia, so inform the team leader or teammates in advance.

Very important. In addition, if you sometimes feel painful menstruation, remember not to let your waist catch a cold, and you can apply warm compresses or drink hot beverages to your stomach, or take painkillers in severe cases. In addition, women should pay special attention to environmental protection. Used sanitary products should be rolled up in garbage bags and can be stuffed in empty mineral water bottles to take away.

person standing on top of rock
Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

   women should cultivate their own optimistic and positive attitude, usually pay attention to exercise their perseverance and physical stamina, plus their own unique careful, cautious, and thoughtful personality, female climbers will definitely gain more safety and Happiness, and will become an indispensable beautiful scenery.

     In short, women should cultivate their own optimistic and positive attitude, usually pay attention to exercise their perseverance and physical stamina, plus their own unique careful, cautious, and thoughtful personality, female climbers will definitely gain more safety and Happiness and will become an indispensable beautiful scenery.

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