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planning wardrobe and packing suitcase for your next trip ( best guide) 2020

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If you go on a two-week trip today, then a suitcase is enough for you, which you take in your carry-on luggage, and you do not experience any wardrobe difficulties during the trip. A well-thought-out clothing system does not require a large number of things, especially if your wardrobe already consists of items that fit perfectly on you and combine well with each other

If you don’t want to drag your “grandmother” with you, and at the same time you don’t want to spoil your mood on the trip with the classic “nothing to wear”, then take the time a week before departure to think over your wardrobe, and you will have a wardrobe vacation happiness. I promise.

Why in a week? Because you may need time to close some gaps and buy additional items that you may need during your trip.

Where to begin? With answers to simple questions:

  • What will I do and what kind of clothes will I need according to the situation?
  • What is the climate and weather forecast for the destination?
  • How many days does the trip take?
  • Will it be possible to wash and iron?
  • Are there baggage restrictions?


Obviously, you will need different clothes for different situations, but at the stage of collection, you need to estimate the number of things for each of the occasions based on what you plan to do one your trip.

If this is a business trip with a large number of work and social events, then you will need office clothes and cocktail sets, if this is an active vacation with a minimum number of evening events, then the bulk of clothing will be sports and casual, with a pair of tops for going out, etc.

luggage tag
luggage tag

Just write on a piece of paper everything you plan to do: “beach”, “bars”, “city walks”, “meeting with friends”, etc., and try to estimate the volume of each activity.

You can try to do this as a percentage, that is, estimate how much in% of the time you plan to spend your vacation doing certain activities – this will help you avoid situations when you understand that you do not have enough clean T-shirts for a walk around the city, but your suitcase is full of dresses and shoes. Heels for evening events, which after an active day you simply do not have the strength.



It is not always possible to predict whether fluctuations, but studying the forecast before a trip is a very useful habit. It is worth having at least one warm item even if you are traveling to a tropical country in your kit (at least in order to survive the meeting with air conditioners at airports), and providing light items on trips to cold countries is sometimes useful too.

Ideally, you need to have a set of things that can be easily transformed into the possible vagaries of the weather. If you go to a hot country, you need to provide for the possibility of insulation in the event of a cold snap: Warm top layer – cashmere jumper, pashmina, light raincoat or jeans; Shoes that can be worn on a toe (sneakers, sneakers); A versatile “bottom” that can be worn in different situations and which will warm up if suddenly something – for example, jeans in full length.


The same rule applies when you go to a cool climate, where it can be warmer than expected (or, for example, it will be hot in a hotel or office, and you will curse everything in your turtleneck, which you took because the weather forecast was not optimistic). You need “layered” solutions that allow you to quickly adapt to unexpected warming: tops, T-shirts, and blouses that are worn under a jacket or jumper but can also work as an independent layer


This point is directly related to whether you will have the ability and desire to wash / iron your things on the trip. It is clear that the longer you travel, the more difficult it is to assemble a universal wardrobe that does not require washing, but for a vacation of 10-12 days, this is absolutely real.

rollers tie
rollers tie

The principle is simple:

  • Underwear-socks-tights are taken according to the number of days (something that changes every day);
  • Tops, T-shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses – based on socks for 1-2 days (depending on the item);
  • “Bottoms” – based on socks 3-4 days (jeans, shorts, trousers, skirts);
  • Outerwear – for the entire period of vacation.
t-shirts tee clothing
t-shirts tee clothing

The most versatile set is 2-3 basic “bottoms” with the required number of tops, dresses take up space and quickly require washing (like a top, you can hardly put on one dress more than twice). So if your goal is to take on the bare minimum, grab a good pair of jeans, neutral basic pants, and tops for different occasions.

At the same time, thin knitwear is more versatile than things made of dense fabrics (linen, denim, wool): it is lighter, takes up less space (things are easier to press), it is easier to assemble puff sets with it and it does not wrinkle so much (if you pack it correctly). Jackets, suit pants-skirts, oversized sweaters, etc. are less versatile, heavier, lose their shape during transportation and take up a lot of space.

knitwear is more versatile
knitwear is more versatile

If the trip is long and there is no opportunity to wash things, then it is better to collect sets in dark colors, leaving white tops, dresses, and T-shirts at home.


A thin jumper or cardigan made of cashmere or angora will warm up well if necessary and will not take up much space (and will not add extra weight).



For example, a bomber jacket in wrinkle-resistant lyocell or a good old denim jacket. It is better to wear the latter during the flight, any thick denim makes the luggage heavier.


White, gray, beige, or striped, basic items that can be worn every day and on the go, combined with accent jewelry.



Black, beige, gray. A lot has already been said about little black dresses, I will only add that on summer vacation you can take with you a simple dress made of black knitwear, which is easy to wash, and is appropriate both during the day in combination with sneakers and in the evening with sandals and accent jewelry. Another option is wrinkle-free high-quality synthetics, like Tencel: such dresses are comfortable to wear and can be taken out of a suitcase and put on immediately. In general, the easier it is to transform an item from day to evening, the more appropriate it is in your vacation wardrobe.



A simple black or white top of the model that suits you (it can be a top-shirt, or a T-shirt made of thick black knitwear, or any other basic black top made of silk or Tencel) is a thing that can be worn both day and evening with any basic bottom (in including beach shorts), and which, complete with accent jewelry, will give you the evening upgrade you need.

tall jeans


A pair of indigo or neutral blue color suitable for your body type – these jeans will be appropriate for a walk around the city, and on the road, and in the evening in a bar in a company with an interesting top. Jeans of a classic cut – boot cut, straight, skinny will be universal. Boyfriend jeans, pipes, culottes, and other seasonal hits will be harder to use as a base.


If we are talking about a vacation at a resort, then the sarong will certainly be one of the most versatile items – this is a beach skirt, a warm shawl in the evening, a towel, a light blanket, and much more.



Like a sarong, a scarf or a bright scarf is versatile – it can be used both as an accent that will complement universal basic things, and to protect from the sun, you can tie it on your head, if you can’t do styling, throw it over your shoulders on a cool evening, wear it like summer top and so on. It is weightless, does not take up much space, and is versatile


If we are not talking about some special event (if you are not going to a wedding, for example), then there is no point in taking accent shoes with you: such pairs are most often not universal, not comfortable, and take up a lot of space. On the trip, they take neutral shoes that will work in different combinations and will be appropriate in different situations, do not take up much space, and are lightweight (it is better to leave platform shoes at home).

foot sandals

            The classic rule of 3 pairs is one comfortable/sporty pair for the flight and long walks (sneakers, sneakers), one unsportsmanlike pair without heels (ballet flats, sandals, comfortable boots, etc.), and one pair with heels for the night out situations – will help you decide on the choice of shoes for a trip.

                Of course, this rule is not universal: it is convenient for someone to walk in high-heeled shoes, someone hates sneakers, and so on, adapt to your needs and clothing style. The main thing is to remember that on a trip, comfort is more important than style, and beautiful, but not practical shoes will most likely just lie in a suitcase most of the time. The most versatile pairs are soft sneakers, ballet flats (especially folding ones), sandals, espadrilles, and clogs without a heel or with a stable light heel.



The easiest way to add variety to your wardrobe on a trip is with accessories that do not take up much space: shawls, scarves, and jewelry. It is better to leave expensive jewelry at home, as well as heavy necklaces, but bright silk scarves, feather earrings, or plastic accent earrings and thin bright belts will serve you well.

fur winter garment's
fur winter garment’s

“Which bag to take” is a question from the category of eternal wardrobe dilemmas? If we are talking about a beach vacation and you do not need to carry a computer with you, then a beach bag and a small cross body bag will be enough for you. The latter should fit a phone, passport, and wallet, it should not weigh much or be expensive, so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

          It is not very practical to carry a beach basket with you “like from Instagram”: this summer a simple braided string bag can act as a beach bag or a transparent plastic bag that weighs nothing and does not take up much space. And for evening events, take a bright soft pochette – it does not take up much space, and will quickly give the necessary upgrade to a simple set of “jeans + top


           After you have figured out what kind of clothes you will need, and bought what is missing, but the things on the bed (put your shoes next to each other) to make sure once again that you have enough things and combinations for all the necessary situations.

         Have you figured it out? Now get rid of at least a third of the things – believe me, you can do it. Remove unnecessary items, replacing them with jewelry and accessories, with which your basic items will work in different combinations, leave only what you a) really need, b) sits perfectly on you, c) comfortable to wear, and d) does not take up much space …

After you have finally formed a list of things and shoes, take out your suitcase and start packing.


All things are stacked in layers. Knitwear (jumpers, T-shirts, dresses) rolls into tight tubes and is placed right next to the bottom of the suitcase – if you roll a thing well, then you can take it out and put it on right away (and this is how more things fit into the suitcase than when folding). This is the first layer, it absorbs and preserves fragile things.

On top, put what is folded: structural shirts, trousers, blouses, jackets, dresses. Long items (such as jackets and trousers) are put first, then skirts, blouses, and shirts. If you are carrying fragile things (for example, expensive sheath dresses or jackets), then it is better to put a large T-shirt on top of this layer, which will protect against friction.

The third layer is everything that you do not mind wrinkling: pajamas, sarongs, swimwear, and underwear, which can also be rolled up (or folded if there is enough space). Suitcases are stacked on top of each other in an airplane, so this layer will absorb weight and protect your structural items. The belts are laid in an unrolled state along the perimeter of the suitcase.

Fragile jewelry can be put in a hard case from old glasses (earrings and necklaces often break from the weight), if there is no case, then put them in the center to protect things from impacts.


It is always better to put cosmetics on top: if the luggage is checked at the control, there is less chance that everyone will turn over and change your things while they are looking for liquids.


An important point: several times I said goodbye to my favorite things, filled with oils, creams, and lip gloss, so now I pour everything that can be poured into plastic bottles with tight stoppers, and wrap each one with cling film on top. If you have a factory vial, you can open the lid, wind the cling film on the thread, close it and wind another layer on top – the film on the thread will help the lid to fit tightly.

It is better to carry all cosmetics in special cases with a sealed fastener, decorative cosmetics too (once I just threw a cosmetic bag into a suitcase, from which lipstick somehow got out and happily smeared everything that was nearby, including an expensive suede clutch, which did not survive this acquaintance) …


A separate problem is a dirty linen, which for some reason always takes up more space than clean (physicists have yet to explain this phenomenon of the suitcase). I found a very convenient thing – these are vacuum bags in which I put worn, not fragile things (underwear, T-shirts, etc.), then the bag is closed and rolled to release air, things shrink and this all saves great space in the suitcase (freeing up space for souvenirs).

       Such bags can also be used to pack clean things, but they wrinkle in the great, so I only do this for transporting children’s clothes. Enjoy a change of scenery, vacation, and new experiences – clothes shouldn’t be a problem. A little planning and your wardrobe trip will go smoothly, I promise.

As they say, enjoy your trip!

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