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The woman who can do these 3 important things can make the higher her level

The power of social motivation

  The so-called high level means to live a different self in plain and vulgar life so that you can live more freely and more purposefully than ordinary people. A woman with a hierarchy must be an active and avant-garde woman in her mind and an even more informal woman in her life. She can live out her splendor, let everyone applaud for her, and become the object of admiration of all women, and the object of admiration and pursuit of many men.

She is sometimes coquettish, sometimes plain as wind, sometimes moving like a rabbit, sometimes quiet as a virgin. She always appears in front of everyone in ever-changing forms, which makes people feel bright and will be attracted by her.

So where did all these points in her come from?

1. Create an independent spiritual world for yourself

   A high-level woman possesses a different thinking and appreciative vision from ordinary people. She understands the meaning of life and understands what she wants to pursue. Her sense of purpose is very clear, and she is also very focused and persistent. Most women don’t know what they mean to live, and they don’t have a goal. Therefore, they are confused, empty, and at a loss.

When the void in their hearts becomes larger and larger, their desire for emptiness will become stronger and stronger. , And even choose the wrong direction. Such a woman has the same fighting spirit and ambition as a man and will work hard for everything she wants without fear of hardships. She believes that such a life is meaningful. It is too ordinary, so what is the meaning?

    Such a woman never despises vying for something with others and is not afraid of other people’s challenges. The so-called people do not offend me, and I do not offend others.

2. Not being dominated by life, but choosing to dominate life

A woman with a higher level understands how important it is to have fun and freedom in life, so she is definitely not a stereotyped scholar, her image is ever-changing, and then she plunges into the crowd and enjoys life to the fullest, without being bound by the rules.

A woman with a higher level understands the warmth and warmth of human relationships and understands a person’s loneliness and impatience. Therefore, she will learn, constantly enrich herself, and try to keep herself from losing to anyone. Such a woman always doesn’t like to indulge in the same thing. She has many hobbies and strengths, and anyone is enough to make people intoxicated.

She also pays attention to reality. She understands that a person can only rely on financial strength as a backing. Therefore, she is definitely not a vase. She must be a capable and courageous woman. She is very different from other women and makes people of the same sex feel very different. Admiration of the land.

3. Keep learning and be responsible for yourself

     For an adult, these are the basic essentials. A woman keeps learning, not just to make money for herself, but for a better life. When a woman sees her own shortcomings, she will try to replenish herself so that she will not be absent, not delayed, and make herself a better self, which is also a kind of moderately responsible performance of herself.

    A woman knows how to draw inferences from one another, but also knows how to find a crisis and remedy it in time, only then can her life be more beautiful and happy. A woman of good level can communicate and move forward better if she understands her vision and height. A woman of high level must be the leader of an era. She is in front of everything and becomes a role model for others. A woman at a high level can always find the meaning of life, allowing herself to pursue her progress, and never forget to appreciate the beauty around her.

The power of social motivation for a woman

Motivation is the psychological tendency or internal drive that stimulates and maintains the action of an organism and directs the action to a certain goal. American psychologist Wudworth first applied it in psychology in 1918 and is considered to be the internal driving force for determining behavior. 

From a philosophical level, human behavior is the interaction between the individual itself and the external environment, and correspondingly from the perspective of psychological activity: the so-called “individual self” refers to the psychological characteristics of people because this is the most stable and correct level of psychological activity.

Human beings and their individuals are only representative parts; and “individuals interact with the external environment”, from the perspective of psychological activities, is the psychological process of individual reactions to objective things. Therefore, from the perspective of psychological activity, the behavior is the process and result of the interaction between the individual’s psychological characteristics and its psychological process.

As the result of the interaction and reaction between psychological characteristics and psychological processes is the formation of a psychological state, from the perspective of psychological activity: behavioral motivation actually belongs to the psychological state in psychological phenomena.

The nature of human motives is varied. Motivations of different natures can have different meanings to people and have different driving forces with different strengths. The way of action, persistence, and effect of the action is largely restricted by the nature of motivation.

An experiment studied the influence of different motivations on children’s behavior. Preschool children are lively and active, and it is difficult for them to stand still for a long time. But the experimenter arranged a game scene in which the role played by the child required him to remain stationary for a long time.

The situation is obviously different at this time. Compared with an adult who simply asks for it, it takes 3-4 times longer to stay standing in a game situation. Here, in addition to the favorable factors in the mood brought by the game, the children’s activity motivation obviously plays an important role. (Manuilenko’s experiment)

In the motivation of activities, social factors play an important role. The power generated by social motivation may be so great that it will surpass and suppress human biological instincts. For example, some social activists, for the sake of political struggle, can suppress the natural need to eat, and go on a hunger strike for more than ten days.

In the laboratory, similar results were also seen. Someone reported that the three-member subjects (college students) were asked to use the index finger of their right hand to pull up the 3.4 kg weight hanging on the Brinell dynamometer.

For the first group of subjects, no reason was given; for the second group of subjects, they were required to show their highest ability; for the third group of subjects, they were told that this activity was directly related to a socially important task ( The action of pulling the weight is related to the effect of power transmission to factories and houses). The results show that under the three different activity motives, the most social motive can show the greatest strength. (Fee’s experiment)

War is a social phenomenon that requires a high degree of willpower. In war operations, we can clearly see the relationship between the nature of the motive and its driving force for the action. Throughout the ages, soldiers who have devoted themselves to just wars have been driven by lofty motives. They have a spirit of indomitable and hard work, are good at overcoming all kinds of difficulties and dangers, and show strong will. In an army engaged in unjust wars, soldiers fought for war, or only for money or other personal motives. In the face of difficulties and dangers, they are prone to timidity, vacillation, and weak-willingness.

The reason why the leaders of the revolutionary war attached great importance to the role of pre-war mobilization, and the reason why the instigators of unjust wars often deceived their soldiers and tried to make their war intentions high-sounding. The psychological basis is that people are different. The nature of motivation has different stimulating effects on the action.

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