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If you are interested in traveling to Central America, safety maybe your top concern. Most people I met were curious about what the area had to offer but stayed away due to fear of violence and crime. The area has a recent history of conflict and violence. It is also a place of violence full of murderers and drug dealers. But the civil war is over, and if you pay attention, you will notice that 99% of travelers and foreigners are not targeted by gangs.

If you stop being paranoid and give it a fair chance, you will notice that most countries in Central America are safer than ever. Indeed, some countries are safer than others. Some parts of each country are safer (and less) than others.

Although various Central American travel guides, American consulates, and the term “street” are often different, they all believe that a certain level of street intelligence is the key to maintaining Central America’s security. Most of it comes down to common sense. If you avoid situations that might put you in obvious danger-such as walking alone in a cunning neighborhood late at night-this possibility is definitely in your favor.

It is an independent Central American country. The people of the country are Catholic.  It is one of the most spectacular countries in Central America.  The word Costa Rica means rich coast.  The standard of living and life expectancy of the citizens of this country is much better than in other countries in America.  The Republic of Costa Rica commonly known as Costa Rica means “rich coast”, is a Central American country with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. Its capital is San Jose. Costa Rica is the first country in the world to abolish its troops. At present, Costa Rica

The word Costa Rica means rich coast.
The word Costa Rica means rich coast. 

The nation is circumscribed by Nicaragua toward the north, Panama toward the southeast, the Pacific Ocean toward the west, the Caribbean Sea toward the east, and Ecuador toward the south.  It is dominated by 3 countries. The country has no army. They are the first country in the world to have an army. The capital of the country is San Jose and it is the largest city.



There are many political parties in the country. The two largest parties are the United Citizens Party and the People’s Front.  There are also some smaller parties. The Prime Minister is elected by popular vote. The people are the source of all power in the country.


Costa Rica is the only agriculturally developed country. Farming is the main in the country. Costa Rica is the most developed country in the world.  The Costa Rican economic system is considered a social market economy.  The country’s economy is so developed that America is the richest country. 

The main source of the country’s economy exports.  The country’s main exports are coffee, bananas, and beef.  The country has also made great strides in information technology in recent years. Another important source is tourism.  Every year millions of people travel to visit the country. The country has a total GDP rate of about 74.3 billion and a total per capita income of about 3 15365.  Costa Rican Colon is the currency of the country.  The standard of living of the people of Costa Rica is very high.

Costa Rica is the only agriculturally developed country.
Costa Rica is the only agriculturally developed country.


Size and population.

Costa Rica is a republic. The head of state is the president. The head of government is the leader named by the president. The power to make laws is vested in the bicameral legislature.  However, like the law, the president has the power to issue ordinances effective indefinitely.

Nature and culture

Costa Rica has many wonders in the country. The country’s natural environment is also very fascinating. Many people come to travel to the country. The country’s culture has made the country’s natural environment more beautiful. The country has many large and old ancient calamities. All the establishments of the country are very pleasant to see. There is also a complete tradition of the sports, songs, literature, health craft, telecommunications methods, telecommunications system, and transportation system.

If someone is considering Costa Rica as an option for working in the tropics, then the following factors need to be taken into account:

The main source of the country's economy exports
The main source of the country’s economy exports
  • The salary level is slightly lower than in Kyiv.
  • Relatively inexpensive real estate and food (compared to the CIS, Europe, and the United States), but expensive electronics and household appliances, as in other Latin American countries. And as mentioned above, expensive cars/motorcycles.
  • The level of local specialists is very low. Normal programmers are ex-pats from the States and Europe. So you can’t count on professional growth. But you can easily become “the most important NASA link” and raise your own personal emergency.
  • After obtaining a residence permit, the prices for all national parks, hot springs, and other entertainments drop 10-15 times, so you can buy yourself an SUV and ride in the jungle at least every weekend. You can get to the Pacific beaches in a few hours and master surfing there.
  • The situation in the country is almost 100% controlled by the American government. Costa Rica does not even have its own army, the United States guarantees security. Therefore, US investors feel confident.
  • The metropolitan suburbs are located at an altitude of about 1500 meters, so the weather there is very comfortable for living all year round. Only from May to October heavy rains


The historic site of Ujaras, Orosi Valley, Cartago Province. A colonial church established between 1686 and 1693. there are Indians living in Costa Rica, a Central American civilization, and the Andean civilization interchange.16th century, the local Mayans and Aztecs were the Spanish conquest, then Costa Rica became Spanish territory of New Spain a southernmost province, the provincial government in Cartago (Cartago).

The country's natural environment is also very fascinating
The country’s natural environment is also very fascinating

Costa Rica had temporarily joined Agustín de Iturbide Mexican Empire ( see history of Mexico and Mexican Empire ), which later became the Central American United Provinces ( see 1823 to 1839 of the Central American history ) of one. In 1824, the capital moved to San Jose, and Costa Rica became an independent country in the 1940s.

Costa Rica has escaped many military coups that invaded Central American countries. Unlike some of its neighbors, Costa Rica is an example of stability, peace, and democratic governance. In the late 19th century, there were two brief violent activities that persecuted the development of democracy. After the civil war in 1948, Costa Rica’s President Jose Figueres Ferrer announced the dissolution of the army and included this in the Constitution in 1949. Since then, Costa Rica has entered a rare democratic pattern without military intervention.

is a country with better economic development in Central America and has a higher standard of living. In addition, Costa Rica attaches great importance to ecological conservation and has many nature reserves in the country. It is listed by Forbes as a livable retirement in 2020 In the list of countries

Geography of Costa Rica

The country has a total of 51,100 sq. km and the total population is about 45 lakh 8 thousand 353. The country has a population of 64 people per sq. km.  The country’s official currency is Spanish.

Costa Rica is located in a narrow strip of Central America, 10 degrees north latitude and 84 degrees west longitude. It borders the Caribbean Sea on the east and the North Pacific on the west. It has a coastline of 1,290 kilometers (212 kilometers on the east coast of the Caribbean Sea and 1,016 kilometers on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean).

A total of 51,100 square kilometers, of which 50,660 square kilometers territory, territorial waters 440 square kilometers, more than the United States of West Virginia smaller, the equivalent of Ireland.

The topography of Costa Rica is: the coast is plain, while the center is isolated by rugged mountains. The country declared its exclusive economic zone to be 200 nautical miles and its territorial sea to be 12 nautical miles. The climate is tropical and subtropical, and part of it is neotropical.

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