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Seychelles -33 beautiful beaches, and a wide variety of marine life.

Seychelles star of the Indian Ocean,

Seychelles the picturesque 115 islands lost in the waters of the Indian Ocean, and only 33 of them are inhabited. Seychelles is located south of the equator, north of the island of Madagascar. Green islands, beaches, and an underwater world that amaze the imagination. Seychelles beaches are some of the most photographed in the world.

Once here, you will understand why: it is a real paradise for lovers, snorkeling and diving lovers, exotic fruits, and high-quality service. Gone are the days when a vacation in Seychelles was characterized as an opportunity to see “five-star nature and C grade service.” A serious tour operator will help you choose a tour to one of the islands, where the price of your vacation will fully match the quality.

star of the Indian Ocean,

Main cities and resorts

Mahe (Mahe Island)  – the main island of the archipelago, it is the city of Victoria – the smallest of all the capitals in the world. The relief of the island is impressive: it is granite and very green. There are about 70 beaches here, all of them are beautiful, have sea relaxation, and are adapted to diving into the ocean depths. Off the coast of Mahé, you can observe 150 species of fish and unique corals. A trip to Seychelles, in particular to Mahe, is an opportunity to fulfill childhood dreams of pirates. The island still keeps traces of their presence, many believe that here and today you can find treasure chests.

Seychelles in 4K Ultra HD

The second-largest island is  Praslin Island. Here is a park included in the UNESCO protected list. The decoration of the area is the palm trees, which are considered the symbol of the archipelago, – coco de mer. This is a paradise for bird watchers (by the way, entertainment is gaining popularity in Europe). Not far from Praslin, you can visit the island of Ard, which is home to a large colony of seabirds.

You can relax on the islands of the archipelago at any time

3 km from Mahé is a small coral atoll –  Cerf Island, located in the national park of St. Anne-Mary. The local waters are a haven for those who like fishing and diving. In addition to one and a half hundred reef fish, crabs, octopuses, starfish, and other inhabitants of the deep sea are found in the water column. Hotels in Seychelles, and on Cerf Island, in particular, offer a full range of beach activities, from boating and speedboating to paragliding.

A special feature that distinguishes the Seychelles resorts is the so-called island hotels. 10 minutes from Mahe is the island of St. Anne, where a five-star hotel of fabulous beauty is located. The cost of resting in such paradises cannot be called budgetary, but a few days in paradise are priceless.

few days in paradise are priceless

Another interesting island hotel is  Fregat Island. Seven beaches with white sand of pinkish tide, bizarre granite boulders (the best background for a romantic photoshoot!) – the island has everything for the first-class relaxation. Imagine: in a hotel, 100 services personnel take care of just a few dozen guests.

If for tourists who go to Seychelles, the price of a vacation is not a determining factor, then the agency will advise them on the Cousine Island hotel   – only 10 people can be accommodated there, and the entire complex can be rented. At the disposal of vacationers are a tropical forest and several beaches with silky white sand.

Climate in Seychelles

The water in the ocean also does not cool down

You can relax on the islands of the archipelago at any time of the year. The average temperature reaches +26 ° С. Warm both day and night. The water in the ocean also does not cool down. The year is conventionally divided into two seasons: hot and humid (December-May), drier, and cooler (June-November).

Kitchen, everyday features, and entertainment options

There will be no problems with communication – most of the islanders speak English. Almost 90% of Seychelles consider themselves to be Catholics, but at the same time, they respect the cult of their ancestors and the forces of nature. The cuisine reflects French traditions, with a focus on local products: an abundance of fish and other marine life. For the entire time of your stay on the islands, you can never repeat the choice of seafood dishes – restaurant chefs never tire of showing imagination and treat guests with new and new delicacies.

main entertainment in Seychelles is the ocean

Of course, the main entertainment in Seychelles is the ocean, and everything connected with it. But do not think that this is exclusively a beach, “mattress” vacation. For those who are thirsty for discovery, there is air communication between the islands (local airlines operate), schooners, and ferries run. Fans of outdoor activities can rent transport for cycling. The medicine

Medical service is paid. If you need a doctor, use your existing medical insurance policy first. If for some reason you used a paid doctor’s services at a hotel or clinic, do not forget to inform the insurance company about the details of the visit to the doctor to receive future compensation.

Be careful with corals to avoid injury

Here are some helpful tips: Be careful with corals to avoid injury, use special shoes. Buy local insect repellents. Don’t buy souvenirs made from tortoise shells – in Seychelles, these reptiles are endangered. Last-minute tours to Seychelles are not very profitable. You can’t get here by bus, and the trip is hardly cheap. But fulfilling the dream of tropical islands, lost in the emerald waters of the ocean, is worth all the treasures on Earth.

There are no poisonous insects and sea animals

The island of Mahe is famous for the rarest species of birds such as the nightingale, the bulbul, and the banana bird. And the Black Cockatoo lives exclusively on the island of Praslin, the singing magpie – on the islands of Fregat and Arid, and the mysterious to-tok – on Cousin Island. There are no poisonous insects and sea animals, no dangerous predators in Seychelles. Seychelles is inhabited by rare long-lived heavyweights – huge Aldabrian turtles. They live up to 150 years or more and weigh over 250 kg in adulthood.

Here is a park included in the UNESCO protected list

Tours to Seychelles mean the perfect vacation in excellent weather conditions, the finest and most delicate sand, bright and gentle waters of the Indian Ocean, and the amazing splendor of nature. The islands are home to many endemic species – that is, existing only here! One of them is the Seychelles palm, whose fruit weighing 20 kg is considered by scientists to be the largest in the world. Seeing this with your own eyes, you will understand that the prices in Seychelles are simply scanty compared to the wealth of impressions that tourists take away from here.

Seychelles – 25 Interesting Facts About the Seychelles Islands

Each traveler can choose an interesting and comfortable vacation on the beaches of Seychelles to his taste. Not only experienced divers, but also those who have decided on their first underwater excursions, going on tours to Seychelles, dream of exploring the coral reefs of the archipelago with their wonderful underwater world … This is an incredible place

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