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Brussels ‘The proven City of a 100 Museums’

Brussels the city of 100 museum

Brussels is the largest city and it is the capital of Belgium. It is also the seat of the main administrative body of the European Union ( EU, EU) and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, NATO). Known as the capital of Europe. more than 200 international administrative centers and more than 1,000 official groups daily meet in this city.

   Brussels is located in the Seine River, the north is low, flat plains of Flanders, south of Brabant is a slightly undulating plateau, with an average elevation of 58 meters. the upper town is an administrative district, which is located on a slope, The Royal Palace, Royal Plaza, Egmont Palace, National Palace, and the Royal Library are the city’s main attractions. and Modern Ancient Art Museum in the architectural style of Louis XVI. Xiacheng is a bustling commercial center. Around the “Grand Place” in the city center, There are many medieval Gothic buildings, among which the City Hall is more spectacular.

Belgium Brussels Atomium Entrance Welcome Love
Belgium Brussels Atomium Entrance Welcome Love

Brussels has the most exquisite buildings and museums in Europe, skyscrapers and medieval buildings complement each other. The entire city has located around the old imperial palace. the best way to visit is working on foot.

the majority of the city peoples speaks French while others speak Dutch so Brussels is a  bilingual city, In addition, languages such as Turkish and Arabic are also widely spoken by Muslims in Brussels.


The city of Brussels has a history of over 1000 years

AD 979 years to Senna River basin as feudalism Duke Charlie, select Sena river in St. heat island settlements, built forts and pier on the island, built a luxurious residence for himself, emerged from here The rudimentary form of the city was called “Brooksela” at that time, which means “dwelling on the swamp” in Teutonic. The name “Brussels” evolved from this.

The establishment of the city began in 979 AD.

In the Middle Ages, Brussels successively became the territory of the Duke of Brabant and Charles V. However, due to its special geographical location, many political forces wanted to take it as their own, and they launched a battle for hundreds of years. The special history has enabled Brussels to form an inclusive, open city character and superb skills in maintaining independent development among major countries.

Due to the convenience of river transportation, the distribution of goods here, and the rise of port trade, it became a large-scale handicraft city in the 13th century, and its woolen cloth, tapestries, and laces were well-known throughout Europe.

By the 14th century, Brussels had a second city wall, thus forming a pentagonal city. It was one of the administrative centers of the Principality of Burgundy in the 15th century. Large-scale urban construction took place in the 18th century. From 1815 to 1830, it was the capital of the Netherlands together with The Hague. On October 4, 1830, Belgium became independent and became the capital.

city ​​overview

The urban area of   Brussels is slightly pentagonal with many historical sites and is a famous tourist attraction in Europe. Brussels is divided into upper and lower cities.

  • name Brussels
  • Foreign name Brussels (English), Bruxelles (French)
  • Administrative area category Capital
  • district belong to Belgium
  • Geographic location Central Belgium
  • Area 162 km²
  • Phone area code 00322
  • Climatic conditions Temperate maritime climate
  • Population 1.1 million (2017)
  • famous scenery Ancient Battlefield of Waterloo, Brussels Square, First Citizen Yulian, Atomium
  • Airport Brussels International Airport
  • dialect French, Dutch
  • Mayor Charles Picquet

The urban area of   Brussels is divided into two parts, the upper and the lower part, by the central street. The upper city is the seat of the royal palace, parliament, government offices, and residential area. There are many famous tourist attractions, especially historical buildings of various styles and museums with rich collections. Xiacheng is a prosperous business district and also the location of the European Union headquarters. In Brussels, there is a statue of the world-famous “Brussels First Citizen”, which stands in the alley of Edu River near the Grand Place. The upper town, built on a slope, is an administrative district

lion statue
lion statue

. The main attractions include the Louis XVI architectural style of the Royal Palace, the Royal Plaza, the Egmont Palace, the National Palace (the seat of the Senate and the House of Representatives), the Royal Library, and the Museum of Modern Ancient Art. The headquarters of banks, insurance companies, and some well-known industrial and commercial companies are located here.

Xiacheng is a commercial area, and there are many shops here and it is very lively. There are many medieval Gothic buildings around the “Grand Place” in the city center, of which the City Hall is the most spectacular. Nearby is the History Museum, the Swan Cafe that Marx used to visit, and the Financial Street Theater, the birthplace of the revolution in 1830.

Near the Royal Palace on the outskirts of Brussels, there is a group of atomic structures, hence the name Atomium, also known as the Atomic Museum. It was built to commemorate the Brussels World Expo in 1958. It has a total of 9 balls, each with a diameter of 18 meters, and the highest ball is 102 meters above the ground. There are pipes between the balls, and some pipes are also equipped with escalators for visitors to go up and down.

In the southern suburbs of Brussels, there is an undulating open area, which is the famous ancient battlefield of Waterloo, where the French emperor Napoleon was defeated in 1815. Today, on a round mound about 50 meters high, stands a cast iron lion, made of guns and cannons left on the battlefield. At the foot of the Lion Rock, there is an exhibition hall for the ancient battle of Waterloo.

There is a 110-meter-long, 12-meter-high circular mural painted by the famous French painter Dumerin in 1912, depicting the war that shocked the world. The scene of a fierce battle between the two armies and the defeat of the Napoleon cavalry.

Brussels is one of the historical-cultural centers of Europe. Many great people in the world, such as Marx, Hugo, Byron, and Mozart, have lived here.

On September 22, 1994, the Brussels Region and Beijing became sister cities. This is where the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is located. At the same time, more than 700 other international organizations and more than 100 diplomatic missions set up headquarters or offices here. For this reason, 27% of the residents of Brussels are foreigners. Make it a truly international city.

Geographical environment

Regional location

Brussels is the capital of the province of Brabant and the capital of Belgium. Located on the Seine River, a tributary of the Scheldt in the middle of the border. It covers an area of   162 square kilometers and has a population of about 980,000, accounting for about 1/10 of the country’s population. It is the largest city in Belgium. Brussels is located in the central part of Belgium and has many places of interest.


The terrain of Brussels is mainly plains and plateaus, with a small mountain area.

Climate characteristics

Brussels has a temperate maritime climate, mild and humid, with an average annual temperature of 10°C and annual precipitation of 835 mm. Belgium has a marine temperate broad-leaved forest climate with obvious four seasons, and the best travel time is spring and autumn. In spring, the temperature is between 7℃ and 20℃ from March 21 to June 21; in summer, the temperature is between 15℃ and 35℃ from June 21 to September 21; in autumn, the temperature is between 9℃ and 35℃. From 21st to 21st December, the temperature is between 0℃ and 20℃; in winter from December 21st to March 21st, the temperature is between -15℃ and 10℃.

cultural environment


Although originally a Dutch-speaking city, Brussels has developed into a bilingual city where French and Dutch coexist. In general, French is the mother tongue of the majority of the Brussels population and the dominant language of the city.


According to information from the Brussels Archives, before French became popular (1793-1815), although French was the language of the local rulers during the Burgundian era, Dutch was still the most commonly used language in the local administration. Since 1880, more and more Dutch speakers began to use two languages, and finally, after 1910, the French-speaking population began to increase. By the middle of the 20th century, the French-only population had surpassed those who spoke two languages.

In the nineteenth century, many native Dutch-speaking residents began to switch to French. The main reason is that French was a symbol of superior civilization and status in European society at the time (even Flemish people switched to French). In addition, Dutch represented poor and backward Flanders, and the official Belgian government at that time there is only one language, French. Almost all educational institutions in Brussels also use French for teaching, which further hinders the promotion of Dutch and also causes people to have a low impression of Dutch. As a result, local residents only speak Dutch in private places or at home and French in public.

The official languages of the Brussels Capital Region are French and Dutch. Since Belgium delineated the language boundary, the country no longer conducts official population language surveys, so all research results are only some degree of estimation.

   Considering that Brussels is after all the capital of a country with 60% of the Dutch-speaking population, and the Brussels area itself is completely surrounded by the Dutch-speaking cultural region, many Dutch speakers in the surrounding areas will often come to work in the city. , Shopping or leisure. Therefore, although the dominant language of the city is French, a minimum knowledge of Dutch is also essential.

    The change in attitudes towards Dutch has led to one result: Many students who do not speak Dutch at home choose to study in Dutch schools. Scholars estimate that about 28.23% of the urban population has a “good to fluent” level of Dutch (including those who speak Dutch as their first or second language). Regarding English, about 35.4% of the population has the same level, and French, as the dominant language in Brussels, has about 95% of the population.

As the urbanization process broke through the borders of the Brussels Capital Region, many Flanders that were originally Dutch-speaking regions also attracted a large number of French-speaking populations. In the second half of the 20th century, the dominant language in some small towns close to the border of the capital area gradually became French, and some even reached 70% of the population.

This has led to the emergence of new language conflict problems in Belgium, which is the most typical of the Brussels-Halle-Filverde area. In recent years, the biggest change is due to the influx of Muslim immigrants, and languages such as Turkish and Arabic are also widely used.

Local customs

Retro Christmas

Every year, the National Cathedral of Brussels, Belgium holds an exhibition of British Christmas customs. At the opening ceremony, you can admire the models of the Victorian people celebrating Christmas and the model of the birthplace of Jesus. There are also girls dressed in ancient costumes dancing and artists singing Christmas. Song. Of course, there is also a traditional British Christmas dinner based on roast turkey. Unlike other Christmas dinners, it is eaten at lunch. In Irish customs, the first person you meet at Christmas is very auspicious with black hair, so the Chinese are very popular.

Folk Yulian Festival in Brussels

The bronze sculpture of the little hero Yu Lian is dressed in costume every year. Accompanied by brass music, members wearing traditional national costumes sang and danced, performed various cultural programs, and distributed beer, coffee, and sweets to citizens and tourists from time to time. In order to commemorate Lian, everyone will sing ” Blue Danube ” in front of the bronze statue of Lian.

Bruxelles Brussels Belgium
Bruxelles Brussels Belgium

Cultural wide angle

Brussels traffic is annoying

On Brussels’ traffic arteries, about 200,000 cars are blocked every day. For this reason, the Brussels transportation department is quite a headache. According to a report in the Brussels Evening News, Pascal, Minister of Transport for the Brussels-Capital Region, stated that the government is drafting a proposal to restrict vehicles through “entrance and exit fees”.

   Although Pascal immediately denied that he had said this, many media here have already revealed the content of this proposal. According to this proposal, the Brussels Regional Government will set up payment points at major intersections during peak hours and impose “entry and exit fees” on vehicles. Depending on the time, the maximum charge is 5 euros and the minimum is 3 euros.

    This proposal immediately caused a strong reaction from all parties in the society, and the vast majority of people opposed the proposal. The reason is: Brussels has a developed fair system and there are many points connecting outside the city.

In order to charge fees, the traffic control department has to close certain intersections, which will worsen the traffic congestion; secondly, this proposal will cause social injustice, because the poor may be If you can’t pay the fee and don’t drive, the rich will continue to drive into and out of the city. In addition, some government officials believe that this proposal may cause many companies to move out of Brussels, which is a challenge to Brussels’ “open” policy.

Capital status

    As an international city, hundreds of international organizations such as the European Economic Community, the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the World Federation of Labor are located here. In addition to a large number of foreign embassies, banks, and businesses, foreigners account for 1/4 of the city’s population and often hold international conferences.

This city is known as the capital of Europe. As a national cultural center, there are institutions of higher learning such as the Free University of Brussels (72nd in the latest ranking of the 2013 QS World University. the Royal Academy of Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, and the French Language and Literature Institute.

The Palace of Arts in Brussels provides venues for art lovers such as painting, music, and theater. There are similar small art palaces in most neighborhoods. An international music competition is held every year. There are 30 theaters, the largest of which is the National Theater. There are also the Atomic Museum, Waterloo Memorial Hall, and Hugo’s former residence. With Central Avenue as the boundary, the city is divided into two parts: the upper city and the lower city.

The upper city is the seat of the royal palace, parliament, government agencies, major businesses, and major banks, as well as art galleries, libraries, etc. The lower city is a commercial and downtown area. There is a large medieval square in the city center, and there are many ancient buildings around the square.

Food Culture


Most Belgians drink beer, but there is also Genievre (Paket in Walloon), a shochu made by distilling and fermenting malt, which was previously made by distilling Genievre berries. It is Belgian gin.


As a specialty of Belgium, chocolate is as famous as Swiss chocolate. Famous brands are: Phnom Penh/Coted’or, Jacques/Jacques and Callebaut. These chocolates are much cheaper than dragees and are sold in unmanned stores and bookstores. The flavors range from the traditional hazelnut and soluble dragee flavors to the most exotic banana, strawberry, and rum flavors. Everything. In exquisite pastry houses and supermarkets, people are increasingly seeing handmade chocolates.

   High-end chocolates (cream and butter chocolate are usually eaten) bring you extraordinary feelings, especially Rudolf Braun brand Rudolf Braun 1899, Golden Fleece brand/CornelaToisond’or chocolate egg roll (not with Port Royal brand/ CornePortRoyal chocolate is confused), Godiva/Godiva and Neuhaus/Neuhaus chocolate. Leonidas/Leonidas is a semi-machine production chocolate manufacturer and is very popular for its famous “Manon” brand/MANON white chocolate.

In Brussels, there are more than 500 chocolate designers in the town alone, which is almost equivalent to one in 2,000 people. The degree to which Belgians like to eat chocolate is unimaginable. Its annual consumption of chocolate is the largest in the world, and the airport in Belgium is also the airport that sells the largest number of chocolates in the world.



   Belgians value diet. You must taste local traditional dishes when you come to Belgium. There are many kinds of Belgian cuisine. More than 40 kinds of fish can be caught in Flanders. The North Sea Grey Shrimp with Tomato is a delicacy in Flanders that has been envied by many foreigners. When you come to Belgium, you must taste the Flemish-style asparagus, Brabant-style pheasant, Ghent’s chicken soup (waterzooi), Belgian cheese crumbs, and grilled lettuce, which are popular among people.

Stewed eel with Chevrolet vegetables, rabbit meat in the plum sauce from the Ardennes, game, and lingonberries. Those who like desserts can taste many kinds of cakes, waffles, and about 400 kinds of chocolates with unique Belgian flavors. Many dishes are cooked with beer. Beer is a beverage invented in Belgian monasteries. There are a total of more than 300 categories, colorful, and appetizing. Belgians like to add a piece of cheese to beer. There are 85 types of cheese in Belgium.


As the European capital of Brussels, the service industry accounts for a large part of its industry. Except for some well-known beer producers such as Cantillon Brewery, Brussels’ industries all come from the service industry for EU organizations and the offices of many international organizations.

Social enterprise


There are several universities in Brussels. The two main universities are the French-language Free University of Brussels and the Dutch-based Free University of Brussels. The former has a total of about 20,000 students on three campuses in the city of Brussels (there are also two campuses outside), while the latter has a total of about 10,000 students. Both universities originated from the Free University of Brussels, which was founded in 1834. In 1970, with the French-speaking community and the Dutch-speaking community each having the legal right to establish higher education institutions, the two universities were separated.

Higher education institutions in Brussels also include Saint Louis University (about 2,000 students), Catholic University of Brussels (Katholieke Universiteit Brussel), Royal Military Academy of Belgium (established by French generals in 1834), and two drama schools established in 1982. The Free University of Brussels, which is a university dominated by science and engineering, is well-known throughout Europe for its computer science and medical education.

In addition, there are some universities that have branches in Brussels. For example, the Catholic University of Leuven, which established the Faculty of Medicine in 1973, and the Boston University, Brussels, was founded in 1972, offering master’s degrees in business management and international relations.

In order to provide educational services to the families of staff from various countries working here, Brussels also has many international schools, including the Brussels International School (including about 1,450 students from 2.5 to 18 years old), the British School in Brussels, and those serving European Union organizations. Four European schools.


Brussels is located in the central part of the Antwerp-Brussels-Charleroi industrial zone, also known as the ABC Industrial Development Axis, and is the largest industrial center in the country. With 1/5 of the national employees, 1/4 of the machinery manufacturing and chemical industry, 1/3 of the clothing industry, 2/5 of the printing industry, and 3/5 of the leather industry are concentrated in the country. The electrical appliance industry and food industries such as flour, oil extraction, and beer are also very developed.

     An important transportation hub between Belgium and the European continent, the first railway in Europe leads to Mechelen. There are many main railway lines and highways meeting here, connecting major cities at home and abroad. More than 200 air routes connect Europe and all over the world. There is a canal connecting the central industrial zone and leading to the North Sea. this city has a subway.

External traffic

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium but also an important transportation hub in Europe. It can quickly reach all parts of Europe by air, rail, and road.


Brussels International Airport has flights to major cities in Europe, and the traffic is very convenient. The airport is about 12 kilometers away from the city center. It takes 20 minutes to get to the city by taxi and costs 35 euros. You can take the train when you don’t have much luggage. The train station is just below the airport entrance hall. There are trains to the city center and MIDI train stations. It takes 20-30 minutes and costs 3.7 Euros.


There are 5 railway stations in Brussels, 3 of which are international stations. North Station (GareduNord): bound for the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and other places; Central Station (GareduCentrale): bound for Bruges, is also a transit station for international trains, to Paris (1 hour 30 minutes), Cologne and Amsterdam and other Western European universities

There are direct express trains in the city; Gare du Midi: trains in the direction of Austria, trains from the north of the Netherlands to Paris. Since a separate visa is required to go to the UK, taking the Eurostar train to London is like taking a plane, and you need to check in with CHECKIN first and pass the customs inspection of your passport. So prepare enough time.

Internal traffic

aerial view
aerial view

The best mode of transportation for sightseeing in the city of Brussels is on foot, but public transportation is necessary to travel through the city.

Buses, subways, and public trams There are two types of buses: red and green. The green takes the suburban line and the red takes the city line. The Metro has two lines: Line 1 and Line 2. Line 1 leads to the suburbs, line 2 surrounds the urban area. Tram (Tram), also known as a small subway, has both above-ground sections and underground sections. The speed is very fast, and the driving route passes through the suburbs and the city center.

Subway, tram, and bus tickets are universal and can be used as many times as you want within the specified time. The tickets are one-hour, one-day, and one-day group tickets (for 5 people). Both trams and subways need to buy tickets at automatic ticket machines. If you encounter an inspector while riding without a ticket, you will be severely fined. It should be noted that most public trams and subways have to open the door by pressing the button, and you should also pay attention to opening the door when you get off the train.


Taxis will not cruise on the streets, and taxis must be at fixed taxi stands. You can call a taxi at the train station, the stock exchange (BOURSE) next to the main square, and at the entrance of large hotels. In the hotel, you can also ask RECEPTIONIST to call a car for you. Starting from 3-4 euros, 1 euro per kilometer.

Law and order

The public security in Brussels is generally good, and the local people have a strong sense of the legal system. However, the overall security situation has declined since 2010. [3]

On November 6, 2014, more than 100,000 people in Brussels marched against the EU’s fiscal austerity measures. The marchers clashed with the police on the streets. Many people were injured at the scene. At the scene of the conflict in Brussels, the Belgian capital, riot police tried to use high-pressure water cannons and tear gas to control the situation. The scene was out of control for a while.


Brussels is a famous tourist city in Europe, known as the “Little Paris”. There are many places of interest and museums in the city, and there are dense forests, gleaming lakes, and green grasslands outside the city. Among them, the “three big things” in Brussels that impress visitors most are the first citizen Yu Lien, the Atomium, and the ancient battlefield of Waterloo. Landscape: Ancient battlefield of Waterloo, Brussels Atomium, Peeing Pis, Brussels Square, Victor Horta Museum.

Situated in the center of the main square, was built in the 12th century, the square was rectangular, surrounded by Gothic architecture was shaped like a burning flame, City Hall steeples up to 85 meters, the plastic top of the tower there is a 5-meter-high city guardian Brussels The statues of the gods, the patterns painted on the ceiling of the hall are wonderful, and there are huge portraits of historical celebrities and huge oil paintings of the famous painter Rubens. Nearby are shopping streets and restaurants, as is Galeries St . Hubert is one of the oldest shopping streets in Europe.

Royal Palace Belgium Brussels

A bronze statue of the world-famous “Mannekenpis” is erected on the north side of the main square. The bronze statue is about half a meter high. It is a bare-chested child peeing with his hips akimbo. The image is vivid. It is said that more than 500 years ago, this little boy named Julian drew out the fuse of the offender and saved the residents of the city with a pee, so this image was erected to commemorate him. The Maison du Roi next to the square has a collection of hundreds of costumes for peeing boys from all over the world, which is worth seeing.

Brussels Park is the favorite resting place for the citizens of Brussels. The St. Michael’s Church and the Royal Palace in the urban area are located near Brussels Park, where the Royal Guard is stationed. In addition, famous attractions include the Atomic Energy Museum in the northwest of Brussels and the ancient battlefield of Waterloo in the southern suburbs.

Brussels is located at the intersection of the Dutch-speaking area in the north and the French-speaking area in the south. These two languages are used in urban streets and public advertisements, and French is the main social language. Brussels is the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. Brussels has the most exquisite buildings and museums in Europe, with skyscrapers and medieval buildings complementing each other. The whole city is built along the “small ring” with the imperial palace as the center, and walking is the best way to visit.

building style

The buildings in Brussels, from the large square with a strong medieval style to the European Union buildings full of post-modern art, contain a variety of elements and cultural symbols. The most famous buildings in Brussels include the Grand Place and the Brussels City Hall in the center of the square (it was named a World Heritage Site in 1988 ), the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, and the Royal Castle of Laken, known for its huge glass greenhouse. Wait. Another landmark building in Brussels is the Royal Palace of Brussels.

The Atomium is located in Heysel Park. It is a metal monumental building built when Brussels hosted the 1958 World Exposition. The building is composed of 9 large aluminum spheres with a diameter of 18 meters. Each sphere represents an atom. The spheres are connected by hollow steel pipes. The spheres and the steel pipes connecting the spheres form a cube pattern. This cube is equivalent to the cubic crystal structure of alpha iron magnified 165 billion times. Next to the Atomium is the Mini Europa Park, which contains 1/25th microfilm replicas of famous European buildings.

Another iconic landscape of Brussels is the statue of Little Boy, known as the “First Citizen of Brussels”. This bronze statue is a must-see for tourists.

Other famous attractions in Brussels include the Cinquantenaire Park commemorating the 50th anniversary of Belgian independence, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Brussels Stock Exchange, the Palace of Justice in Brussels, and a series of buildings built for EU organizations.

Cultural facilities in Brussels include the Brussels Theater, the Royal Mint Theater with a long history, and so on. In addition, there are various museums, including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium with a large collection of Rubens’ works, the Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History, and the Belgian Comic Art Center.

The Arc de Triomphe of the Cinquantenaire Park

The architectural style of the city center of Brussels is mainly Flemish. In addition, the architecture designed by Victor Horta, a representative architect of the Art Nouveau movement, is also one of the characteristics of the city. As one of the birthplaces of Art Nouveau, many buildings in Brussels have an Art Nouveau style. Among them, buildings in the districts of Schaerbeek, Etterbeek, Ixelles, and Saint-Gilles are especially worth seeing. Another typical representative of Art Nouveau is the Stokelet Palace designed by architect Joseph Hoffman.

Brussels is also a lively stage for many great artists. Renee Magritte, the famous Belgian surrealist painter, studied here. The city has also produced many famous serialized comic works, such as ” The Adventures of Tintin “, ” Lucky Luke “, ” Gaston “, “Cubitus” and “Marsupilami”. The exterior walls of urban buildings and subway stations are filled with cartoon characters. The Belgian Comics Museum, which has concentrated a lot of comic art, is itself an Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta.

King Baudouin Stadium, which can accommodate 50,000 spectators, is the largest stadium in Belgium and can be used to host sports competitions and concerts. Previously, the stadium was named “Heysel Stadium”, but after the Heysel tragedy in 1985, the stadium entered a period of downturn. Subsequently, the stadium was rebuilt and renamed the stadium.

Yu Lim peeing statue

One of the world’s most famous cute children, Peeing Pis, is a must-see for tourists who come to Brussels. His statue is made of bronze and is 60 cm high. It was built in 1619 and stands on the corner of Constant Temperature Street and Oak Street in the center of Brussels.

There are multiple versions of the legend about this statue. The most well-known one is to commemorate a little boy named Yu Lian, whose naughty behavior extinguished the bomb that was about to detonate the entire city hall. According to another legend, Peeing Pi is the incarnation of Duke Goodfriend III.

In 1142, when he was a few months old, he was taken to the battlefield of Lansbeck, where his cradle was hung on a tree branch to inspire the army frustrated by his father’s death. When the army was about to retreat, the little duke suddenly stood up from the cradle and assumed the posture of the fountain statue later, which was stimulating the morale of the time and turning defeat into victory.

Because of its popularity, all parties like to send this little boy’s clothes, the first one comes from King Louis XV. It has become a common practice for heads of state to visit Belgium to send him a set of traditional clothing. He has more than 700 sets of different styles of clothes, including a set of PLA military uniforms and a set of Chinese-style trousers from China. These clothes are on display in the King’s Building, and he will also wear appropriate costumes to celebrate certain special anniversaries.

Royal Art Museum

The famous Royal Art Museum is located in the north of the Grand Place area, exhibiting the works of many famous Belgian painters from ancient times to the present, such as RoberCampin, RogervanderWeyden, PeterBreugheltheElder, etc.

The museum is divided into a classical art gallery and a modern art gallery. The former exhibits classical paintings from before the 18th century, with color as the division. The blue area shows works from the 15th to 16th centuries, the most famous of which is “the fall of Icarus” by Peter Breughel; the brown area displays works from the 17th to 18th centuries.

The latter are also divided by color. Huang district from neoclassicism, romanticism, realism to symbolism masterpieces; the Green Zone is the main modern art and sculpture, such as Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Expressionism, Surrealism, the famous super The realist artist Dali’s “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” and Francis’s “Bacon’s Owl and the Pope” can be represented.

St. Michel and St. Gudula Cathedral

The history of the church began in 1047 and was built on the basis of the original Saint-Michel chapel. The large-scale expansion of the church began in 1226, and it lasted for two and a half centuries to complete so that the cathedral combined a variety of architectural styles from Roman art to the prosperity of Gothic art. The interior of the cathedral is 110 meters long, 50 meters wide, and 26 meters high. It is magnificent. The pillars of the nave are decorated with statues of the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Manga Museum

The Manga Museum is located in an unremarkable alley. The building designed by GrandMagasinWaucquez for VictorHorta was originally just an ordinary apartment, which was converted into a comics museum and collected many albums and animation works of famous European comic artists. At the entrance of the museum stood the famous little Belgian reporter “Ding Ding” and his cute puppy.

The comic museum has 3 floors. The first floor introduces visitors to how comics are produced. The second level introduces Belgium’s most active cartoonists from the beginning of the last century to the 1960s. The name of the third floor is “Museum of Modern Belgian Comics”, with hundreds of exhibits summarizing the development of Belgian comics from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Brussels City Hall

Among the many buildings in the Grand Place in Brussels, the most impressive is the town hall, this Gothic building was a Brussels city landmark. The building was constructed in two phases. The larger left half was built in 1402, and when the right half was built in 1455, PhilipeleBon presided over the construction of the tower and 96-meter-high spire. There is a 5-meter high weather vane at the top of the tower, which is a statue of Michel, the patron saint of Brussels.

Legend has it that the lord of Brussels was saved by Saint Michel, and the lord awarded Saint Michel the title of the patron saint of Brussels. The corridors of the city hall are covered with murals. Among the many portraits are the monarchs of Belgium, the kings of Spain, the Netherlands, France, and other countries that once ruled Brussels, and Napoleon.

Grand Plaza

The Grand Place was the center of the ancient city of Brussels. The writer Hugo called it “the most beautiful square in the world.” The square is rectangular with a length of 110 meters and a width of 68 meters. The ground is paved with granite. The most eye-catching building on the Grand Place is the Brussels City Hall. It is the most typical Gothic building in Belgium.

The entire building was built in three different periods and has been expanded and repaired repeatedly. Opposite the city hall was the residence of Louis XIV of France and is now the National Museum. There is a swan statue on the left door of the city hall in the Swan Cafe, where Marx and Engels drafted the ” Communist Manifesto ” together.

Belgium Brussels Grand Place Architecture City

The other buildings surrounding the square belong to various guild organizations, such as boatmen, tailors, painters, etc. The sculptures on the doors of each guild building are sculptures of the guild’s revered characters or symbolic animals. Due to the different construction periods, these buildings reflect a variety of architectural styles such as Gothic, Baroque, Louis XIV, and so on. Among them, the Duke of Brabant Building, decorated with 19 busts of the Duke of Brabant on the front, is the most majestic and spectacular.

This group of six buildings was built in 1698 and is a guild of mill owners and carpenters. The location, which has become a cocoa and chocolate museum.

The Grand Place. It was the first trading market in Brussels dates back to the 12th century. The first wooden buildings were almost entirely built by guilds at the time and were frequented by vegetable farmers, artisans, butchers, and fishmongers. In the 13th century, the first indoor markets appeared, and squares began to take shape. In the 15th century, under the rule of the Duke of Burgundy, the ground of the square was paved, and a new guild building and town hall were built, and the square became completely new.

      In 1695, the artillery fire of Louis XIV almost destroyed the entire square, but after five years of reconstruction, the square looks more magnificent, a collection of Gothic, Renaissance, and Louis XIV architectural essence. The Grand Place is the historical witness of many major revolutionary events in Belgium.

The revolution broke out in 1830 and it was in this square. Beginning in 1971, every two years, on the weekends around August 15th, there will be a grand celebration in Brussels Square: the laying of tapestries. The tapestry is selected from the begonias grown in the Ghent region, each designed with a different theme, and the amount of flowers is up to 800,000.

Ancient Battlefield of Waterloo

The ancient battlefield of Waterloo is located near the town of Waterloo at the end of the Sovanni Forest, 18 kilometers south of Brussels. On the evening of June 18, 1815, the Anglo-Dutch Army and the Prussian army commanded by the Duke of Wellington besieged and defeated Napoleon. Thus ended the history of the legendary man in Europe.

people piled up a hill at the site where Prince William of Orange of the Allied Forces was injured In 1826. At the top of the hill was a statue of a giant iron lion weighing 28 tons, 4.5 meters long, and 4.45 meters high. Legend has it that this lion was used by Napoleon’s army. Cast from guns discarded on the battlefield. Along with the 226 steep stone steps to the top of the mountain, you can see the ancient battlefield of Waterloo in those days, and the city of Brussels is also vividly visible.

      A bronze statue of Napoleon was Established near the waterloo monument. In order to protect the historical sites, farming is prohibited around the ancient battlefield, and many farmers have arranged their farmhouses into various memorial halls for visitors to visit. The more worth seeing include the Kayou Farm, the Panorama Gallery, and the Wax Man Museum, where Napoleon’s headquarters was located.

Although Napoleon was the loser of the Battle of Waterloo, in people’s minds, he is definitely a greater hero than the victor. Many memorials feature Napoleon as the protagonist, and the Duke of Wellington is just an understatement. Every 5 years, the war scenes of that year will reappear on the ancient battlefield, and more than 2,000 locals will participate in the performance.

“Little Europe” Park

Mini Europe Miniature Park

” Little Europe ” is short for the famous miniature parks of European countries in Brussels, also known as “Mini Europe”, located in the picturesque Brussels Park in the northwest of Brussels. To the south is the famous “Atomium”, and to the north is the famous “Hundred Years Palace” built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Belgium’s independence. These three landscapes are in full swing, complementing each other and complementing each other, making tourists from all over the world fascinated.

“Little Europe” covers an area of   250,000 square meters, and contains more than 300 historical sites such as world-famous palaces, churches, monasteries, castles, temples, squares, ports, towers, and former residences of celebrities in Europe. The profile reflects the development of European history, culture, art, science, and technology, and also expresses the desire of European countries to strengthen the European Union.

      You need to buy tickets to enter the park to visit the “Little Europe”, but if you have a press card from the European Union, NATO, or Belgium, you can not only enter the park for free, but you can also obtain various materials about the “Little Europe” in several languages for free. As soon as you enter the door of “Little Europe”, you will see a unique “x”-shaped model of a tall building.

This is the model of the European Commission office building near Schuman Square in Brussels. In front of the building, the flags of the 15 EU countries are fluttering in the wind. Your first impression is obvious, that is, Europe has begun to unite. Going further in is the models of places of interest in European countries. Each model is separated by models of roads, rivers, green vegetation, mountains, lakes, etc.

Brussels, Belgium 4K-HDR Walking Tour – 2021 – Tourister Tours

       Including France in Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacred Heart Church, United Kingdom London’s Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, Germany Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and Bonn’s Beethoven-Haus, Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venice’s San Martin The square, the Grand Place and Ghent Cathedral in Brussels, Belgium, the Escorial Monastery, the Bullring and St. Martin, the Cathedral of St. Martin in Madrid, Spain, the windmills and the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the Acropolis and the temple in Athens, Greece, etc., And the Ariane rocket ” Airbus” Airplanes and high-speed trains in Europe, etc., have different shapes, vivid images, and they are truly breathtaking.   

 The real scenery in the park “Little Europe” is only 1/25 of the real scenery. Except for the Eiffel Tower and some tall buildings, which are slightly taller than people, most of them are shorter than people.

The famous Dutch windmill stands by the river like a historical giant with outstretched arms, but here it is under the crotch of a child; the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a 9-story tower in the world, and only in “Little Europe” It is more than two meters high; planes, trains, huge wheels, and big trucks are like children’s toys sold in shops, people and cars are smaller than people’s small heads. It’s small, but it’s exactly the same as the real thing, whether viewed from the whole or the part, it is exactly the same, not only the shape is similar, but also the miracle, which is amazing.

In order to make some landscapes more realistic and entertaining, the designers also used the electronic, sound, and light technologies of contemporary technology when building Little Europe, and specially invited experts from some amusement parks in Belgium to participate in these movie viewings. Design and construction. On the whole, the effect is very good, because it not only gives the “Little Europe” the characteristics of “quiet and movement”, but also makes the visitors excited, and at the same time increases the economic benefits.

       As long as you press the relevant button, the following events will appear: In the bullring in Spain, an enraged, aggressive bull will rush to the matador waving a red cloth, and the audience cheers: at the rocket launch site, When the Ariane rocket had entered the countdown, suddenly, the tail of the rocket ejected flames and crashed into the air; in the cargo-packed port of Rotterdam, cranes were busy loading and unloading cargo; on the grassy pasture in Ireland, the sheep were bowing their heads Grazing, suddenly, a shepherd dog barks at you “Wow, Wow, Wow”;

      At Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, the “Airbus” is taxiing on the runway; on the Thames in the UK, a luxury yacht is cruising; in Germany By the Berlin Wall, a large crane is hanging a concrete wall; in the Beethoven House in Bonn, the music of ” Ode to Joy ” from Beethoven’s ” Ninth Symphony ” is heard. Especially when night falls, the thousands of lights installed in the miniature buildings in “Little Europe” are all lit up, and the garden is brilliant and the scenery is extremely magnificent.

   Atomic ball

The iconic building was designed for the Brussels Expo was held in the exhibition center of Belgium in 1958. The designer hopes to express the concept of tiny atoms through this huge building and show the prospect of human beings peacefully using atoms. The idea is derived from the atomic structure diagram. Nine huge metal spheres are connected by thick steel pipes to form a cube pattern. The size of the cube is equivalent to the result of a cube crystal of iron magnified 165 billion times. Eight spheres are located at the eight corners of the cube, and the other sphere is located at the center of the cube. 

Atomium brussels

     The diameter of the ball is 18 meters, and the steel pipes connecting the balls are each 26 meters long and 3 meters in diameter. The total weight is 2,200 tons and the height is 102 meters. You can take the elevator to the top sphere 100 meters above the ground to enjoy the scenery of Brussels. Among the other spheres are science and technology exhibition halls with various themes. There are exhibits on solar energy, the peaceful use of atomic energy, aerospace technology, astronomy, etc., as well as charts related to the development history of Belgian meteorology, satellite weather, weather radar, and weather communications.

Laken Castle Conservatory Garden

    It was built by King Leopold II of Belgium. It has a very beautiful blueprint. He invited his Queen Belgian architect Alfons Barat to plan together to build a garden more than Versailles. Beautiful greenhouse garden. This greenhouse garden is all made of glass and metal. It has an obvious classical style. It shows the grandeur and style of the royal family everywhere. It is even known as the most beautiful greenhouse garden in Europe. It is said that King Leopold II devoted a lot of effort to him. The crown was designed by him himself.

      In the 19th century, European houses were mostly dark. The winter lighting mainly relied on candles. People yearn to enjoy plenty of sunlight in winter. In order to realize the king’s dream garden, the architect Bharat used his brains. The Industrial Revolution was mass production. Glass and steel became possible, so it abandoned traditional construction methods and adopted glass and metal. Coupled with the use of light and natural light, every corner of the greenhouse is unobstructed. The plants preserved so far are almost identical to those planted by Leopold II. Of course, there is also his favorite camellia, there are more than 100 kinds, and all of them are the largest and oldest ones.

City honor

In November 2018, the world city rankings were released, and Brussels entered the ranks of the world’s first-tier cities.

On December 26, 2019, it ranked 27th on the list of the top 500 global cities in 2019. In April 2020, it was selected into the “2020 Global Summer Cities List”.

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