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Italy – best 30 places to visit

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Perhaps no other country within the world has such an enormous number of cathedrals, palaces, art museums, and ancient monuments as in Italy. And if you increase this the superb national cuisine, mild climate, and colorful temperament of local residents, then your trip will become a bright holiday which will forever remain in your memory.

Unsure what to ascertain in Italy? Especially for you, we’ve compiled a rating of popular places during this country, including the foremost interesting sights of this country

 interesting sights of Italy.jetnetlink.com
interesting sights of Italy.

Each of the listed sights has its own history, and to find out if you’ll need guides in Italy who will accompany you to the foremost interesting places. Consider also the dates of your trip, because, for instance, more tourists flock to the country during religious or national holidays.

1. Vatican (Rome)

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Looking through a guidebook and selecting what to ascertain in this country, you can’t miss the world’s most famous enclave, which is that the Vatican. Each building of this mini-state may be a landmark known far beyond the borders of the country.

Here you’ll walk along the alleys of the famous Vatican Gardens and see the Pope together with your own eyes, climb the dome of St. visit the Sistine Chapel Peter’s Basilica, with its immortal frescoes created by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and all other great painters.

To enter Vatican City, you want to undergo a strict code. Guides in Rome will tell you what rules of conduct must be followed so as to avoid troubles and misunderstandings.

vatica rome.jetnetlink.com

The first attraction offered to guests in St. Peter’s Basilica. The size of the building is striking – the peak is 136 meters, and therefore the length of the most nave is 211 meters. But the most value here is that the numerous sculptural and pictorial masterpieces created by the good masters of the country. In the Papal Palace of the Vatican, you’ll admire the gorgeous frescoes of the good Raphael. They adorn the ceilings and walls of 4 rooms (stanzas).

2. Castel del Monte (Puglia region)

castle del monte
Castel del Monte

Considering the sights of this country, it’s impossible to not distinguish among them the castle of Castel del Monte with its unusual architecture and mysterious history. Despite the very fact that it had been inbuilt the center of the 13th century, when there have been constant wars, its design is radically different from the structures of that era:

The cladding is formed of marble, which was practically never utilized in defense construction.

 Castel del Monte-jetnetlink.com
. Castel del Monte

Around the castle, there’s no defensive ditch and earthen rampart, and therefore the utility rooms and cellars aren’t suitable for storing ammunition, ammunition, and weapons. Those who are versed in military affairs will immediately notice the absence of loopholes and windows that are overlarge in terms of security.

But the foremost interesting is that the shape of the building, which may be a regular octagon framed by 8 towers. The courtyard and therefore the fountain located on its territory even have 8 corners.

The number “8” was a continuing companion of the owner of the castle, Frederick II, who personally participated within the development of the architectural project. Consistent with historical data, the sum of the digits of the date of his birth was “8”, his right was decorated with an emerald ring, framed by eight gold petals, and an eight-pointed crown adorned his head.

Even during the lifetime of Frederick II, there have been rumors of his passion for alchemy. They were “fueled” by the very fact that Michele Scotto lived on the territory of the castle, who was considered a famous theorist of alchemy. He experimented with converting copper to silver and other metals to gold. Until now, the atmosphere of the castle is crammed with magic and mystery, stirring up the imagination and causing unexplained mental anxiety.

3. Sistine Chapel (Rome, Vatican)

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Sistine Chapel

In 1509, on All Saints’ Day, thousands of Romans, led by Pope Julius II, froze in admiration and bowed their heads before the good genius Michelangelo Buonarotti, seeing the vault of the Sistine Chapel. They assert that even the envious and slanderers of the master recognized his talent and therefore the perfection of his paintings.

More than five hundred years have passed, and therefore the images of the sibyls, the primary people, prophets, and other biblical characters still attract people from everywhere the planet, make their hearts sink, and function a hymn to talent and diligence. Many that have experienced this sense say that visiting the Sistine Chapel once in Italy may be a must, then returning and reliving it all.

Sistine Chapel-jetnetlink.com
Sistine Chapel

Considering himself a sculptor, Buonarotti has simply forced thanks to certain circumstances to require on the painting of the vault of the chapel. Thanks to the non-observance of a number of the nuances of the technique of making frescoes, the primary paintings disappeared. Then the master had to tear them off and make anew, having previously deduced his own recipe for plaster and paints.

The building is 20 meters high. Michelangelo independently designed the scaffolding, which was installed on the ground, and not fixed with ropes on the ceiling. For several years, the master climbed them daily, took an uncomfortable position, and created his masterpieces. This position of the body led to disability, which became the payment for immortality within the eyes of descendants.

4. Milan Cathedral (Milan)

If you ask the Milanese what to go to in this country, they’re going to not hesitate to call the Cathedral, inbuilt honor of the Nativity of the Mary Mary, and which is that the symbol of the town. This monumental building can simultaneously accommodate up to 40,000 people, which makes it one of the most important Gothic temples within the world.

Milan Cathedral -jetnetlink.com
Milan Cathedral

The laying of its foundation began in 1386 on the location of the demolished old church of Santa Maria Maggiore. The good artist and designer Leonardo Leonardo took part within the development of the project. But the development was completed only 427 years later by order of Napoleon. Although small changes within the appearance of the facade and interior decoration continued to be made even until the center of the 20 th century.

Milan Cathedral-jetnetlink.com

The cathedral is formed of white marble and is meant within the sort of flaming Gothic. First, tourists see 135 marble Spires, directed towards the heavens. After admiring this spectacle, visitors go inside the space, where 3400 sculptures are installed, among which the golden statue of the Madonna (patroness of Milan) is taken into account the most treasure. The walls are decorated with canvases by great Italian painters, and above the altar, you’ll see the nail that was wont to crucify the Savior.

A visit to those sights of this place isn’t complete without a climb to the observation deck, from where a powerful panorama of the town opens.

5. Coliseum (Rome)

The sights of Italy can’t be imagined without the Coliseum. This is often an enormous amphitheater, built back in 72 AD. And have become the most symbolic of the Roman Empire. This building once accommodated 55 thousand people, and its fame spread far beyond the borders of the country.

The Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre-jetnetlink.com
The Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre-

The Coliseum owes its creation to the emperor Titus Flavius Vespasian, who decided to destroy the palace of Nero, thereby eradicating the memory of him and glorifying himself as a wise ruler.

Even with the event of recent technologies and therefore the availability of heavy construction equipment, it’s difficult to hold out the development of such a grandiose structure. Therefore, choosing what to ascertain in here, you can’t miss visiting the Coliseum.

Its shape is an ellipse, the length of which is 188 m, and therefore the width is 156 m. The strength of the structure is preserved thanks to the very fact that an arch capable of withstanding colossal loads was chosen because the main architectural element.

The Colosseum or Coliseumalso known as the Flavian Amphitheatre-
The Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre-

During the performances, an awning was stretched over the Coliseum, protecting the audience from the scorching sun and rain. For this, ships standing on the Tiber River were used with special cables attached to them, which, after stretching the awning, were fixed on huge pillars located on the surface of the building.

Numerous wars, earthquakes, and other factors have destroyed most of the Colosseum. And therefore the beginning of the laying of highways, heavy traffic, and pollution led to a critical situation. But, fortunately, the efforts of recent architects and builders have managed to preserve the structure of the building, which in 2007 was named one among the Seven New Wonders of the planet.

6. Cathedral of St. Mark (Venice)

The architectural landmarks of Italy include many beautiful buildings, but St. Mark’s Cathedral deserves special attention.

Cathedral of St. Mark-jetnetlink.com
Cathedral of St. Mark

Its construction began in 829 with the aim of burying the relics of St. Mark, brought from Alexandria. Subsequently, this apostle became the defender of Venice.

The cathedral was inbuilt just 3 years, but in 976 it had been badly damaged by fire. The building was restored several times, but after 1094, only its interior was changed.

Those who have seen this cathedral with their own eyes claim that you simply can admire it all day long without even going inside. There are several styles within the architecture of the building that forms an ideal ensemble. The decoration used oriental marble, Greek bas-reliefs, Gothic capitals, numerous sculptures by Italian and Byzantine masters.

Cathedral of St. Mark-jetnetlink.com
Cathedral of St. Mark

The cathedral is crowned with five domes with gilded crosses. The facade of the building itself is faced with marble, decorated with arches, portals, and large niches. Above the doorway, there’s a mosaic panel and a particular copy of the famous four horses, cast within the 4th century BC. Greek masters.

The decoration inside the cathedral is striking in its luxury, an abundance of gold, precious stones, paintings, and statues. In its central part, there’s an enormous golden altar, created over 400 years ago. The walls are decorated with images of saints and scenes from sacred history. The foremost famous of them is Salome holding the top of John the Baptist on a platter.

7. Uffizi Gallery (Florence)


For connoisseurs of art everywhere the planet, there’s an area that’s a sort of Mecca, where you ought to visit a minimum of once in your life. Therefore, there’s an unequivocal answer to the question of what to ascertain in Italy – the Uffizi Gallery.

Uffizi Gallery-jetnetlink.com
Uffizi Gallery

The famous museum contains originals of paintings by Leonardo Leonardo , Botticelli, Raphael, Michelangelo, and lots of other great artists. Many of the masterpieces were created between the 12th and 17th centuries, but most of the paintings are from the Renaissance.

You can find the building of this museum in Florence by an enormous live queue, which is made from the first morning. Therefore, having decided to go to the gallery, you ought to not plan the other excursions for today. Additionally, the abundance of impressions from the seen masterpieces and therefore the information received requires great inner strength.

The architectural ensemble of the Uffizi Palace is represented by two three-story horseshoe-shaped buildings, standing parallel to every other. The most a part of the exhibition is found on the second floor, where 126 steps of the famous Vasari staircase, made from gray stone, lead. The vaults of the gallery are decorated with frescoes.

In the corridors and halls, additionally to well-known masterpieces of painting, valuable sculptures or their exact copies, collections of precious stones, old coins, vases, and other antiques presented.

8. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa)

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

The list of the foremost famous sights of Italy certainly includes the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is that the tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Additionally to its slope, formed as a results of the architect’s incorrect calculation, it’s variety of unique characteristics that attract many tourists to it:

The thickness of the walls at the bottom of the tower, adequate to 4.9 m, is gradually thinning and at the upper gallery is already 2.48 m. This is the sole tower a long way from the cathedral. Muslim motives are visible within the design of the facade.

But even without this aura of mystery, the Leaning Tower of Pisa may be a real architectural masterpiece. Its ground floor consists of a cascade of arches, and at the doorway, visitors are greeted with majestic bas-reliefs. All subsequent floors are surrounded by galleries, the outer parts of which form graceful columns. From a distance, it seems that they’re twisted into an endless spiral rushing into the sky. The tower is crowned with an enormous belfry, inside which there’s a three-ton bell.

Leaning Tower of Pisa-jetnetlink.com
Leaning Tower of Pisa

The fall of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which continued for several centuries thanks to the peculiarities of the soil and errors within the calculations when laying the inspiration, was stopped only at the start of this century by the joint efforts of the many scientists of the planet.

And although the structure is hospitable to the general public, tourists should remember that the duration of 1 tour is restricted to half-hour. It’s strictly forbidden to maneuver around the building on your own. Before going upstairs, all personal belongings remain below, which reduces the load on the supporting structures. Children under eight years old aren’t allowed inside the building.

And another important factor is that the presence of 297 steps. Visitors must overcome them in but half an hour. Therefore, when planning what to ascertain in Italy, you ought to really assess your health beforehand

The fall of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Sights of Italy: what else to go to while in Italy

It’s difficult to inform about all the memorials which will be seen during this wonderful country. But we’ve collected information few “> a few couple of other places that travelers will certainly like. If you’re getting to visit different cities, it is sensible to order sightseeing tours in Italy, allowing you to explore the most attractions.

9. Pompeii (province of Naples)

Pompeii may be a unique dead city, freed by scientists from a multi-meter layer of ash and is now an enormous open-air museum.

lost city of Pompeii-jetnetlink.com
lost city of Pompeii

The city was completely destroyed during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. And only seventeen centuries later, excavations began. Thanks to the negligence of archaeologists, many artifacts were destroyed, as they weren’t of artistic value. But since 1960, restoration work began, which made it possible to almost completely recreate the once-lost city of Pompeii.

Now visitors can freely walk the streets and consider the homes of the townspeople who lived here almost 2000 years ago. Most frequently they’re two-story buildings decorated with frescoes or mosaics. The homes of made people were distinguished by the presence of marble sculptures on the facades.

During the excursion, tourists are invited to go to the oldest temple, created in honor of the Greek god Apollo. Only 2 of the 28 majestic columns were restored, but the gorgeous frescoes depicting the Trojan War, found within the inner niches of the temple, have survived almost in their original form.

Of interest also are such attractions because the Temple of Jupiter, gladiator barracks, baths, arenas of the Bolshoi and Maly theaters, and far more.

10. Positano (province of Salerno)

You can see the sights of Italy and at an equivalent time have an excellent rest on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea by visiting the comfortable town of Positano.

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italy positano

Here you’ll find everything that permits you to call this place a “paradise”. A tremendous riot of colors created naturally is combined with man-made buildings. On the streets, you’ll see numerous artists who, for little fee, will paint a portrait or a landscape you wish. The variability of architectural styles is thanks to historical events that have taken place during this area over many centuries.

Thanks to the mild climate, ranging from the primary century AD, the town began to draw in rich merchants and noble patricians, who began to create their stone villas here. After the autumn of the Roman Empire, this city became a middle of trade, where numerous overseas merchants and Saracen pirates were drawn.

Each era brought its own characteristics to the architecture of the town, but the foremost luxurious buildings made within the Baroque style appeared within the XIII century and have survived to the present day. After war I, Positano was recognized together of the simplest resorts in Italy, and celebrities began to return here.

The most prestigious hotel within the city is that the palace of the King of Naples Murata, which houses a powerful arboretum, hospitable everyone

11. Villa adrian in Tivoli (foot of the Tibur Tine Mountains)

When deciding what to go to in Italy, choose Adrian’s Villa, located on 120 hectares within the village of Tivoli.

Villa Hadrian
Villa Hadrian

Having learned the biography of its owner, Emperor Hadrian, it becomes clear that this place wasn’t chosen accidentally. This ruler went down in history as a wise philosopher, connoisseur of painting and architecture. He himself participated within the development of the many projects of that point, and in his declining years, he decided to create a villa where you’ll enjoys reflection and contemplation of beauty.

Traveling tons round the world, Adrian made sketches of the buildings he liked, which allowed him to subsequently create a sketch of his own house, during which the Eastern, Egyptian, and Greek cultures intertwined.

On the territory of the villa, picturesque alleys, flower beds were laid out, garden trees were planted, ponds and pools were dug, and numerous statues were installed. Additionally to the emperor’s chambers, buildings for servants and guards, baths, a theater, a maritime museum, a temple, and even an academy were erected here.

An interesting feature of the porticoes located on the territory of the villa is their low height. This is often thanks to the very fact that Adrian was small in stature and, passing through the low vault, could feel taller and more majestic.

Under the villa, there’s an entire network of underground passages, along which servants and carts with provisions moved. This made it possible to take care of peace and quiet, which the emperor valued very highly. Despite the very fact that the majority of the buildings have now been destroyed, and therefore the statues are broken or removed, there are always tons of tourists

12. Grand Canal (Venice)

The sights of Italy aren’t limited only to architectural monuments, sculptures, and paintings. Sometimes attractions are created naturally itself. A major example is that the Grand Canal in Venice, which runs through the whole city. It starts from the Basin of St. Mark and runs during a large S for nearly 4 km to Santa Lucia railway station. The depth of 5 meters allows sea trams and other light water transport to maneuver freely along it. Traveling along the water surface of the Grand Canal, you’ll leisurely explore the sweetness of this unique city.

grand canal
grand canal

Historians believe that it had been the canal that became the start line from which the event and construction of the town began. The merchant ships arriving here brought all types of products, which quickly dispersed throughout Europe. This led to prosperity, and merchants began to create their houses right its banks.

A touch later they were joined by wealthy and noble residents, which was reflected within the style of architecture of the buildings. Along the canal, magnificent Gothic palaces, houses with pointed arches, spacious loggias, and graceful columns appeared. Within the 16th century, they were replaced by bizarre windows, and bright colors were replaced by pastel colors. All this sort of style has survived to the present day, delighting guests and indigenous people of Venice.

You can get from one side of the Grand Canal to the opposite via one among four bridges, which also function a decoration of the town.

13. Roman Forum (Rome)

Italy’s landmarks include the Roman Forum, founded within the 6th century BC.

Roman forum
Roman forum

It was originally created as an area for trade between the Romans and therefore the Sabine’s, as a symbol of the reconciliation of those two peoples. But soon it became a square where state affairs were decided, justice was administered and non-secular rites were conducted.

This was reflected within the external appearance of the forum. Trading rows were demolished, and in their place were temples, basilicas, and other buildings that played a task within the political lifetime of the empire. At first, timber was used for his or her construction, but after several fires, it had been decided to exchange it with stones. Because of this, some buildings have survived to the present day.

Here tourists are invited to look at the remains of the temples of Vesta, Saturn, and Faustina. And although only a couple of columns remain from them, by their size one can draw conclusions about the previous greatness of those buildings.

The landmark of the forum is that the Black Stone, under which, consistent with legend, Romulus, one among the founders of Rome, is buried.

It is also worth listening to the Curtius cleft, located within the central a part of the forum. The guide will tell you a stimulating legend about its origin and therefore the death of a brave warrior. Legend has it that the foremost valuable treasure of Rome is its people.

14. Trevi Fountain (Rome)

As for Rome, the foremost common ancient sights of Italy are the Pantheon, a grandiose ancient Roman structure bearing the status of the temple of all the gods, also because of the Trevi Fountain, the present sort of which was created within the 18th century. In fact, the history of the fountain begins even before the looks of the Pantheon, within the distant first century BC. At that point, the then ruling emperor Augustus ordered the redevelopment of the growing city, and therefore the question arose about the water system.

trevi fountain
trevi fountain

Then an aqueduct was created, powered by the waters of a source located here and called Aqua Virgo. And only within the 18th century, it had been decided to erect a replacement, more majestic structure on the location of the source, which is that the Trevi Fountain. This is often a monumental piece of art that everybody should see.

15. Santa Maria Del Fiore (Florence)

Italy is authentic and rich in its unique monuments. The sights of Rome, despite their abundance, structure only little a part of the cultural, historical, natural monuments of the sunny country. The Florentine Temple of Santa Maria Del Fiore is the most vital symbol of Italian and world architecture.

Santa Maria Del Fiore
Santa Maria Del Fiore

the foremost recognizable building in Florence was originally erected within the 13th century as a cathedral, but over the course of seven centuries, it had been rebuilt and refined and took its final form only by 1887. Today, visitors are impressed by its monumental neo-Gothic façade, richly decorated with marble panels and ornamental elements, also because of the grandiose expanses of luxurious interior rooms.

16. Sforza Castle (Milan)

One of the symbols of Milan is that the Castello Sforzesco, or the Sforza Castle, built by order of the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza. The idea was taken from the remains of the past structure – the castle of Porta Jovia. 16-17 centuries – the heyday of the castle, when it had been altogether |one amongst one in every of”> one among the most important citadels in all of Europe.

Sforza Castle-jetnetlink.com

Remarkably, the facade of the castle once formed the idea for the planning of the Moscow Kremlin – this is often especially noticeable within the shape of the towers and battlements. Ahead of the most entrance, you’ll see a fountain shaped sort of a cake. The inner courtyard of the castle is strictly and laconically decorated, and within the walls of the castle, you’ll visit a variety of museums and libraries that contain both the history of the castle and Milan as an entire.

17. Blue Grotto (Capri Island)

On the Italian island of Capri, we recommend visiting the ocean cave, which has become its main attraction. The length of the cave is quite short – only about 50 meters, but the most thing in it’s not this, but the extraordinary blueness of its waters, resembling in their color the purest sapphire.

Blue Grotto-jetnetlink.com
Blue Grotto

The minerals located here, reflecting the daylight, refract it in such how that the water turns not only blue but also completely unearthly pink, purple, orange, and other shades. The rays of the sun enter the inner space of the cave through two holes – the primary is that the narrow entrance to the cave, the second is a gap 10 times larger than the primary, allowing the most portion of the sunshine to undergo.

18. Spanish steps (Rome)

Everyone who has ever seen the movie “Roman Holiday” will remember the famous Spanish Steps connecting the Spanish Square and therefore the Trinita Dei Monti Church. Now they’re considered one among the foremost romantic places within the capital, where lovers make dates and where newlyweds come to require pictures.

Spanish steps-jetnetlink.com
Spanish steps

The history of the creation of this Italian landmark dates back to the top of the 17th century when the French diplomat Etienne Geffier decided to allocate 20,000 scudi for the development of the staircase. However, disagreements between Cardinal Mazarin and therefore the Pope prevented the implementation of this ambitious project.

They remembered about him only in 1717 and entrusted the event of the planning to the architect Francesco de Sanctis, who diplomatically managed to mix the heraldic symbols of the Bourbon with an eagle and crown, representing the facility of the Pope. The development of the steps was completed in 1725.

spanish steps

Tourists also are curious about the square located at the foot of the Spanish Steps. In its center is that the Barcaccia fountain, made within the sort of little boat. It’s possible to photograph the steps without people sitting or walking thereon only within the early morning.

19. Lake Como (Lombardy region)

One of the foremost beautiful natural places not only in Italy but within the whole world is Lake Como and its environs, stretching within the north of the country, an hour’s drive from Milan.

Lake Como-jetnetlink.com
Lake Como

This place is particularly attractive thanks to its location, surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and comfy villages. additionally, upon arrival at the lake, travelers have tons of thematic walking routes – here you’ll admire the greenery of the gardens, the posh of villas, visit the Romanesque churches, also as museums, archaeological sites, old castles and far more. You’ll also rent a cabin or rent an area during a hotel to form yourself an entire rest in these beautiful places.

20. Piazza Del Campo (Siena)

The central square in Siena is understood for a variety of characteristic features. It seems to be deepened towards the middle, creating a difference tall up to five meters. Additionally, it’s from here that as many as 11 central streets of the town radiate out. The red stone deserves special attention, with which the square is paved within the sort of peculiar sectors.

Piazza Del Campo-jetnetlink.com
Piazza Del Campo

This place is additionally known for the very fact that horse races are regularly held here. Finally, this is often an unusual medieval square, the first appearance of which has gained worldwide fame. Consistent with the chronicle, initially, there was a valley of three hills, which became a famous place of trade. It had been in those years that the “field square” appeared, which the form of a funnel had surrounded by three hills.

21. Academy of Fine Arts (Florence)

Academy of Fine Arts-jetnetlink.com
Academy of Fine Arts

Since the past, the culture of Italy has influenced the culture of the whole world space. Therefore, it’s difficult to seek out a more suitable and more prestigious place for obtaining an ingenious education than the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts.

This is often the primary art university in Europe, and therefore the majority of tourists attend this institution, if not for study, then a minimum of only to ascertain with their own eyes the foremost valuable collection of works of art housed within the Academy gallery. For the fourth century, this institution has been cultivating young talented artists within its walls – it’s for them that the Academy’s gallery keeps works of genius predecessors as a model.

22. Vesuvius Volcano (Naples)

Vesuvius Volcano-jetnetlink.com
Vesuvius Volcano

The lands of Italy are fraught with fascinating and at an equivalent time dangerous places, among which the foremost interesting is Vesuvius – the sole active volcano in Europe. It’s located near the coast of the Gulf of Naples, and it gained its fame because of numerous eruptions, which frequently led to large casualties and large-scale disasters. Historical sources record information about quite 80 such eruptions.

Today the volcano is during a state of “sleep”, so you’ll take the danger and climb to the highest, study the view of the crater, which still hovers a touch. And on a transparent day, you’ll observe a shocking panorama of the encompassing area from here.

23. Cultural landscape of Val d’Orcia (Siena)

The list of the simplest places in Italy is completed by the gorgeous Tuscan landscape of Val d’Orcia. Initially, this territory was designed as an object of cultural development so as to make an aesthetically ideal model of the landscape.

Cultural landscape of Val d'Orcia-jetnetlink.com
Cultural landscape of Val d’Orcia

This land is worth seeing together with your own eyes: numerous hills, oak, and olive groves, alternating with geometrically regular rows of vineyards – all this seems to possess come off a gorgeous picture. Ideally, the vast territory of the landscape should be driven by car so as to be ready to stop at any time and slowly admire the sweetness that has opened, taste the wines of the valley in wineries, visit farms, buy natural cheeses or vegetable oil.

24. Cinque Terre (region of Liguria)

It would seem that there are not any such places left in Italy that haven’t been walked along and across by travelers. And yet, there are little-known sights of Italy which will pleasantly surprise you with their beauty and originality.

Cinque Terre-jetnetlink.com
Cinque Terre

The category of such places includes the Cinque Terre, a park that unites five settlements, through which a picturesque hiking route is laid. Sheer cliffs, on which there are many colorful houses and vineyards, frame the azure sea, the foamy waves of which beat against the boulders. These settlements were once fishing villages, but today they need become World Heritage Sites.

25. Juliet’s house (Verona)

The plot of the romantic story about Romeo and Juliet is understood today, perhaps, even to children. Therefore, the attractions of Italy for youngsters, perhaps, should include a visit to the unique medieval building of the 13th century, which once belonged to the Dal Capello family.

Juliet's house-jetnetlink.com
Juliet’s house

The similarity of this surname with “Capulet” once convinced folks that it had been here that the drama of the young crazy Juliet happened. The house gained national fame, and at the start of the 20th century, the building was reconstructed as a museum dedicated to Shakespeare’s heroine. The façade of the home is adorned with elegant decorative elements and vaulted windows. There’s a bronze statue of Juliet within the courtyard, and there’s a belief that touching it’ll definitely bring good luck crazy.

26. San Gimignano (Tuscany region)

In the Tuscany region, the town of San Gimignano is found on a hill, famous for its many towers, which once symbolized the wealth of the families living here. There have been 72 medieval towers in total, but today only 14 of them have survived.

San Gimignano-jetnetlink.com
San Gimignano

The history of the town began an extended time ago, back within the 3rd century BC, when it had been founded by the Etruscans and named after the Bishop Geminian, who saved the town from invasion. A number of the foremost notable places worth visiting are the cities main square, the cathedral, and museum complex located thereon, also because the second most vital Christian Square, where there are three torture museums with impressive exhibits.

27. Sassi di Matera cave town (Matera)

In one of the foremost authentic regions of Italy, sunny Basilicata, there’s the little town that draws travelers with its history and unique architecture. This ancient settlement is carved into the rock itself, and just a couple of decades ago it had been inhabited.

Sassi di Matera cave town-jetnetlink.com
Sassi di Matera cave town

The whole city is an unprecedented interweaving of narrow alleys, boulders, churches, cave temples, museums, grotto houses, and everyone this against the backdrop of lovely natural landscapes. Each stone keeps an upscale history that began within the Neolithic era. Today, you’ll visit the Sassi caves and see what the lifetime of the inhabitants inhabiting them was like, and even sleep in the cave city for several days during a row.

28. Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (Sicily region)

Those who want to spend an upscale summer vacation will certainly find what to ascertain in Italy within the summer – we recommend the primary thing to travel to the island of Sicily, where you’ll shake the warmth within the shade of the cypresses, laurels, eucalyptus trees, which are thriving here or attend the open sea on a yacht.

Agrigento jetnetlink.com

But don’t forget that the island is additionally rich in historical sites, including the Valley of the Temples, an impressive monument of antique architecture, which dates back to about 5-6 centuries BC. These are truly sacred places – once there was a series of temples dedicated to ancient gods, and today only fragments of buildings remain of them, but even they are doing not cease to admire the monumentality of their architecture.

29. Cortina d’Ampezzo (Veneto region)

The highlight of a vacation in warm Italy are going to be a visit to a resort within the province of Veneto. Cortina is that the world’s largest ski region with a huge system of snow slopes, where 450 lifts connect together the 12 valleys of Alps

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Cortina d’Ampezzo

. Both the experienced skier and therefore the novice amateur will find a track consistent with their capabilities, and snowboard fans can test their strength in snow parks with various difficulty levels. Visitors can enjoy a superb service, which may be compared in quality to the services of such resorts like Courchevel, Chamonix, etc. additionally to skiing and snowboarding, here you’ll go skating, sleigh rides with dog sleds, snowmobiles, and even order a helicopter ride

30. Pantheon (Rome)

Choosing the sights of Italy, which you ought to definitely visit on your first visit, you can’t miss such a monumental structure because the Roman Pantheon. Originally inbuilt 25 BC, it had been destroyed by natural disasters several times, rebuilt, and even “changed religion.” But so far, many people a day strive to urge under its vaults so as to face under the dome, admire the gorgeous frescoes and statues, feel at an equivalent time the breath of eternity and therefore the inexorable destructive power of your time.


The grandeur and wonder of the inside decoration of the Pantheon are striking. It’s hard to believe that each one this was created by the hands of individuals, and not by the powerful pagan gods, in whose honor it had been erected.

Passing under the arch of the portico, supported by 16 marble columns, you discover yourself within the main temple building, which is crowned with a dome with a diameter of 43 meters. In its center, there’s an outsized round hole called the Heavenly All-Seeing Eye. Consistent with legend, evil spirits pierced him, eager to shake the sacred place at the start of the mass.


A feature of the sunshine penetrating through the oculus is that at noon its rays don’t scatter, but descend clearly vertically, forming a sort of sunshine column and moving from one statue to a different during the day, paying tribute to them.

The walls and altar are decorated with magnificent frescoes, partly by Renaissance masters. Statues are set in numerous niches, and therefore the walls and floors are tiled with mosaic tiles. There are benches within the center of the temple for those that want to supply a prayer or simply relax.

Near Italy may be a country during which there are medieval cities, alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches – France. While in Italy, make certain to see out this extraordinarily beautiful country! Examine the sights of France and be inspired for your further travel across Europe!


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