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Busan – the 8 best must-see attractions

Busan - 8 must-see attractions

Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea, and it can be reached by KTX for more than two hours. Unlike Seoul, which is hurried at all times, Busan combines the convenience of a city with the leisure of the seaside, making it the preferred city for Koreans for seaside vacations all year round. Meandering Haeundae white sand beaches, scenery, and pleasant Taejongdae, lively Jagalchi seafood market, fairytale Ganchuan Wen of the village, as well as a young vibrant commercial district, Busan is full of unique charm.

Do you want to blow the cool sea breeze on the beach of Busan? Before heading out, let’s talk to the editor to find out about the classic attractions in Busan that you can’t miss!

1. Haeundae Beach in Busan

South Korea’s largest beach, must-see attraction NO.1

 South Korea’s most famous beach is Haeundae Beach. It has an ultra-long beach that stretches for 1.8 kilometers. The shore is shallow, the beach is soft, and the tide is gentle. It is very suitable for playing in the water. It attracts more than 100 domestic and foreign countries every year. Ten thousand tourists came. July to August is the peak season of Haeundae. The beach is densely covered with parasols. Under the umbrellas, handsome men and women from all over the world wear bikinis to sunbathe or take a break.

If you are staying nearby, don’t miss the seaside walk at night. When night falls, the summer heat dissipates, and the cool sea breeze is blowing with your lover or friend while walking along the beach listening to the sound of the waves, watching the neon lights of the distant city, and saying a word or two; or lying quietly on the beach and counting the stars Isn’t it a special experience?

In addition to the beach scenery, various festivals such as the “Busan International Film Festival” will be held here. Those who like it must not miss it.

2. Gwanganli Beach

Enjoy the different seaside scenery

Following Haeundae, Gwanganli Beach is famous for its youthful vigor. In addition to the endless blue sky and white clouds and soft sandy beaches, the most attractive thing here is the seaside food.

If you’re tired of walking on the beach, you can sit and relax in “Coffee Street”. It is also very happy to stare at the sea in a daze. Of course, you have to try the sashimi when you come to the beach! You can taste the fresh taste of the sea on the “Sashimi Street” near Gwanganli Beach.

At night, the vibrant side of Gwanganli Beach is revealed to the world. Various performances are often held here, especially on summer nights, with non-stop lighting and music, allowing you to feel a different beach night. There is also a “Bar Street” popular among young people by the sea.

It is also worth mentioning that you can see the famous night view of Gwangan Bridge at Gwanganli Beach, which is an indispensable beautiful memory in Busan. Looking at the night view of Gwanganli Bridge for a drink, there is no regret on the trip to Busan!

3. Gamcheon Cultural Village

A beautiful fairytale village with rich colors and bright style

Gan Chuanwen of the village is a fairy-tale beautiful little village, located in Nampo-dong nearby. The colorful houses built along the hillside are impressive. Variety shows such as “Where is Dad” and “Infinite Challenge” has been here. There are many vivid and lovely colorful murals on the walls, which are also good spots for taking pictures.

The most famous is the little prince photo zone when there are a lot of people, you may even have to wait in line. In addition to lively small houses and murals, you can also taste Busan’s specialty seed cakes and red bean shaved ice, as well as Korean traditional craft Hanji crafts. Friends who like collecting stamps can also buy stamps here and send a distinctive postcard. Come and stamp here to regain your long-lost innocence!

4. Jagalchi Market

A sashimi meal at Jagalchi Market is truly Busan!

Jagalchi Market is the largest aquatic product market in Korea. It is famous for its variety and large scale of seafood products, and it has become synonymous with Busan. Walking in the market, the most interesting thing is to observe the various seafood on the side of the road. There are so many unnamed fish and shellfish species that are dazzling.

The market not only sells seafood, but many shops are seafood stalls where you can put fresh food on the table. The owner of the shop is mainly middle-aged aunts. Listening to their distinctive Busan dialect yelling, they choose a favorite small shop to sit down and watch the owner pick up fresh seafood to make delicious and serve them on the table. Have a drink with sashimi. What you eat is not only the freshness of the sea but also the unique style of this market.

The most authentic way to eat here is to dip sashimi in Korean chili sauce. You can also ask the stall owner according to your personal preference. After you are full, you can buy some dried seafood as gifts to take home.

5. SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium

Have an intimate contact with the sea!

The largest aquarium in South Korea is the SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium located near Haeundae Beach. The area of   36,000 square meters is divided into 99 tanks, an 80-meter long undersea tunnel, and more than 250 kinds of marine life that make you truly feel the underwater world. , It is an underwater world that can bring unlimited fun to children.

Feeding otters, performing with mermaid princesses, touching marine life, watching sharks on a yacht, etc. can be fun for both adults and children. It will be a magical experience to see sharks, electric eels, and jellyfish swimming leisurely overhead while walking through the undersea tunnel.

In addition, SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium will hold a variety of activities every day and will launch special exhibitions from time to time. Those who like the sea can learn more about it.

6. BIFF Square + International Market

Experience culture and food

Movie fans should not be unfamiliar with it. During the Busan International Film Festival held in Haeundae every fall, many movies are shown in the cinema of BIFF Plaza, so it is also called BIFF Cinema Plaza, which represents Busan. There are always many young people in the movie street. In addition to movies, it is also famous as a food court. There are long queues of various street food stalls, the most famous of which is the seed cookie, and there are long lines at all times.

The most interesting thing in the square is the handprints on the ground. I want to hold the handprints of some directors and actors participating in the film festival on the ground of the square. While playing here, you can also find the handprints of anyone you like!

The international market not far from BIFF Square is also an attraction not to be missed. Have the friends who have seen the movie “International Market” been moved by the scenes in the movie? With the increase of trendy clothing stores and snacks in the current international market, more and more locals and tourists are attracted.

7. Taejongdae

Get a sweeping view of the beautiful Busan sea

Taejongdae is located at the southeastern end of Yeongdo Island in Busan. There are amusement parks, observation decks, roads around the island, and lighthouses on the island. The park has an area of   54 square meters and is rich in vegetation. Due to the large area of   the park, it is generally better to take the tour bus in the park. There are several stations on the tour bus. You can get off and take the bus to the next attraction. Friends with better physical strength can also challenge the walking tour.

Standing observatory on the sea can be a beautiful panoramic view of the vast sea and cliff scenery is unforgettable. It is said that when the weather is good, you can see Tsushima Island in Japan from the observation deck!

Since ancient times, the king has praised the peerless beauty

Taejongdae is located in South Korea’s second-largest city, Busan is located in Busan Yeongdo connected to the tip of the bridge in a park, next to the famous attractions Yongdusan Park and Jagalchi markets where Nampo-dong.

     In this vast area of   nearly 1.8 million square meters, there are more than 120 species of plants including black pine. Climb up to the observation deck and lighthouse towering high on the rolling cliffs and look down. You can have a panoramic view of the sea in Busan, which is really a great place for viewing. Since ancient times, the king has praised the peerless beauty

Taejongdae is located in South Korea’s second-largest city, Busan is located in Busan Yeongdo connected to the tip of the bridge in a park, next to the famous attractions Yongdusan Park and Jagalchi markets where Nampo-dong.

In this vast area of ​​nearly 1.8 million square meters, there are more than 120 species of plants including black pine. Climb up to the observation deck and lighthouse towering high on the rolling cliffs and look down. You can have a panoramic view of the sea in Busan, which is really a great place for viewing.

In the second half of the 7th century, Silla unified Goguryeo and Baekje in one fell swoop. The king who put an end to the Three Kingdoms period was the 29th King Muyeol of Taizong of the Silla Dynasty.

Legend has it that after the completion of the unification, King Taizong Wulie, who was traveling all over the world, traveled to this place. He was deeply moved by the extraordinary depth of field and he was happy to release his arrows here. Therefore, later generations named this place after this emperor. This is “Tai Zong” station”.

Take a sightseeing bus in the park to visit “DANUBE”

After passing through the main gate of Taejongdae and crossing the gentle slope, colorful sightseeing cars immediately come into view. When you go to the observation deck or lighthouse, take these extremely cute sightseeing cars called “DANUBE” that only pass through the park! There are several sightseeing bus stops in the park. You can freely get on and off the bus on the way. There will be a bus every 10 minutes.

Sitting in the sightseeing car, you can enjoy the vast beauty of the sea at a leisurely pace. After about 10 minutes, you will arrive at the viewing platform without knowing it. There is a Chinese broadcast introducing Taejongdae’s famous attractions in the sightseeing car!

Watch the key

On a clear day, you can see Tsushima Island on the other side of Japan

Passengers who come to visit Taizongtai usually go to the observation deck at the first stop. Since there are many tourists who get off here, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

When you get off the sightseeing bus, you will see the observation deck. On a clear day, Tsushima Island in Japan can be seen 56km away. There is also a coin-operated telescope for viewing.

Youngdo Lighthouse

The distance from the observation deck to the lighthouse is about one stop away, so there is no need to take a sightseeing car and hike while enjoying the scenery along the way. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the destination lighthouse.

Going down the stairs, the road is made of wooden decks with handrails, and there are special commentary boards about the flora and fauna around Taejongdae next to them, and they are all neat and delicate. However, although this section of the road is well worth walking, if you don’t like exercise or lack exercise, you may find it difficult to walk. So please do what you can!

On the day when I came to collect materials, the strong sea breeze seemed to blow people down, so I didn’t have time to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way, so I just walked down the steps and quickly reached the lighthouse. There are shops selling hot coffee and snacks, as well as bathrooms. You can relax here for a while.

8. Oryukdo Skyway

The thrilling artificial viewing platform

Oryukdo is located at the southern end of Busan. As the tide rises and falls, there are sometimes five islands, and sometimes six islands. This is where the name of Oryukdo is derived. At the southern end of the coastal promenade, there is a Skyway built-in 2013. It is built on a cliff and made of bullet-proof glass. It overlooks Oryukdo and other surrounding islands. The view is very wide. There are endless seas and small islands in front of you, and cliffs and waves at your feet. Is it thrilling enough to appreciate the beautiful scenery?

The skyway is currently open for free, but please note that you can only enter from one side, and in order to protect the glass, and for safety reasons, you need to wear the shoe covers provided at the entrance. You cannot bring in umbrellas, walking sticks and other sharp objects.

Walk on the sea and get in touch with the sea!

       Skywalk (Skywalk) is built at one end of the coastal promenade along the coast of the South District of Busan Metropolitan City. It overlooks Oryukdo Island, Haeundae Beach, and the coastline in the distance. It was put into construction in 2012 and was completed on October 18, 2013. Skywalk is set on a 37-meter-high rock cliff.

The trail protruding about 9 meters to the sea surface is U-shaped and suspended above the sea. Visitors need to enter from the right and exit from the left. Walking on the sidewalk made of glass, you can clearly see the cliffs and the boundless sea below your feet. Viewing here, with a wide view, looking at the surrounding rocks and islands, as if you are on a tropical island.

Skywalk is made of bulletproof glass. In order to protect the glass material and prevent slippage, you must wear the shoe covers provided for tourists at the entrance. Skywalk is made up of 24 pieces of glass, and its endurance is within 5 people on one piece of glass. Although it is made very sturdy, it is still not allowed to bring in destructive items such as climbing sticks and umbrellas.

Busan Nature Reserve with free entry

Skywalk is currently free to enter, but for safety reasons, it will be closed on rainy or snowy days. Please refer to the weather forecast in advance when making your itinerary. In addition, the Oryukdo Scenic Area has a tourist information office, where you can consult various tourist information in Chinese. It is also a good choice to learn about the history of Oryukdo at the Oryukdo Publicity Hall on the first basement level.

    How about, after seeing this beautiful scenery of Busan, do you want to embark on the journey right away? Busan is a simple and welcoming coastal city. In addition to this beautiful scenery, there are many customs and specialties worth experiencing. Hurry up and pack up and embark on a cool summer seaside vacation!

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