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Maldives holidays and discover the 10 best places to visit.


The Republic of Maldives, commonly known as the Maldives, Gu Cheng slipped mountain, located in Sri Lanka and India SSW out of the Indian Ocean about 500 kilometers waters, belonging to the South Asian region. With an area of   298 square kilometers, the Maldives is one of the smallest countries in Asia with a population of 515,696 people. Male is the capital and largest city of the country and is traditionally called the “King’s Island”.

        The Maldives is composed of a series of about 1,192 coral islands with a length of 820 kilometers from north to south and a width of 120 kilometers from east to west, including 26 atolls. The average land height is only 1.5 meters (4 feet 11 inches) above sea level, which is one of the countries with the lowest elevation; the highest point is also one of the lowest countries, only 2.4 meters (7 feet 10 inches).

 Maldives coconut tree sea resort
coconut tree sea resort

        The Maldives is a founding member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation and a member of the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Non-Aligned Movement. The World Bank classifies the Maldives as a middle and high-income economy, fisheries are the most important economic activity in the Maldives, and tourism is the fastest growing industry. The Maldives and Sri Lanka are the only two countries in South Asia with a “high” human development index, and their per capita income is the highest among South Asian countries.

        On October 14, 2016, the Maldives announced its withdrawal from the Commonwealth to protest the Great Britain Association’s criticism of the country on corruption and human rights.

Historical background

Maldives Island blue water resort
Maldives Island blue water resort

      Since ancient times, the Maldives has been ruled by the king or occasionally by the queen; historically, the Maldives is a very important strategic place because it is located on the main route of the Indian Ocean. The neighboring countries near the Maldives are Sri Lanka and India. The culture and commerce of the Maldives have been closely linked to the Maldives for centuries. The Maldives provided the main source of currency shells throughout Asia and part of the East African coast at that time.

     After the 16th century, under the colonial tide, Ouzhou occupied a lot of trading places in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives certainly can not keep out of things, first come first in Portuguese, was again the Dutch and French Occasionally, they also interfered in local politics. However, after the intervention of the first few foreign Europeans, in the 19th century, the Maldives became the British protectorate, and the British also fully recognized the rule of the Maldivian monarch. Acceptability.

     The Maldives in 1965 from the British Independent, however, independent after the country will continue to Addu Atoll in the (Addu Atoll) Gan Island on (Gan Island) airbase available to the British use to 1976, when Britain When the airbase was completely withdrawn in 1976, it happened to be a high front period when the Cold War was on the verge of breaking out. The international community was paying attention to the future trends of this airbase. The Soviet authorities once studied plans to lease this airbase from the Maldivian authorities, but the Maldivian government repeatedly refused.

      Challenges of the Republic of Maldives in 1990 before facing a rapid economic development and modernization pace to provide countries with limited fisheries, agriculture, tourism is the basis of resources; the Maldives, also known as the “God shed human necklace” “The last paradise on earth in the Indian Ocean.” It is because of this beautiful natural environment, the Maldives in recent years gradually by the majority of tourists favorite, Chinese tourists often visit the Maldives.

On the other hand even more concerned about the long-term project that is due to the greenhouse effect leading to sea-level rise, because the Maldives local low-lying a lot of coral islands, it will cause a disaster harmful, and this is a major issue to be faced by the next government.

       The Maldives was damaged by the tsunami in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Only 9 islands were untouched by the flood, the infrastructure of 57 islands was severely damaged, and 6 islands were destroyed. A total of 21 resorts were closed due to tsunami damage and economic losses amounted to US$400 million, which is 62% of the country’s gross domestic product. 102 Maldives and 6 foreigners were killed.


The Maldives is an island country that contains 26 atolls and about 1,192 coral reef islands. It is 820 kilometers long from north to south and 120 kilometers wide from east to west. There are about 200 islands inhabited, many of which have been opened up as tourist areas, attracting tourists from all over the world. About 500 kilometers north-northeast is the Indian Peninsula, and about 900 kilometers south is the British Indian Ocean Territory Diego Garcia Island.

      80% of the land in the Maldives is less than one meter above sea level. Due to sea-level rise, many islands have been exposed to seawater flooding and coastal erosion, posing a great threat. The United Nations Environment Group also warned that according to the current sea level rise rate, Maldives will be uninhabitable from 2100.

The protected areas in the Maldives are managed by the Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Telecommunications. There are 31 protected areas in the Maldives.


It has a tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid, with an average monthly temperature of about 24 to 33°C, and an annual rainfall of about 2,540 mm (in the north) to 3,810 mm (in the south).

Administrative divisions of Maldives

The Maldives is composed of 26 groups of natural reefs. These reef groups are divided into 19 administrative regions and two cities as follows:

  • Reeve Haa Atoll Thiladhunmathi Uthuru (Haa-Alif)
  • Thiladhunmathi Dhekunu (Haa-Dhaalu) in Aru Atoll
  • Shaviyani Atoll Miladhunmadulu Uthuru (Shaviyani)
  • Miladhunmadulu Dhekunu (Noonu) on Nauru Atoll
  • Raa Atoll ]]lhosmadulu Uthuru (Raa)
  • Baa Atoll Maalhosmadulu Dhekunu (Baa)
  • Pull the black Bjarne Atoll Faadhippolhu (Lhaviyani)
  • North Male Atoll Malé Atoll (Kaafu)
  • Ari Atoll Uthuru (Alif-Alif), North Ari Atoll
  • Atoll Ari Ari Atoll Dheknu (Alif-Dhaal)
  • Abu watt atoll Felidhé Atoll (Vaavu)
  • Meemu Atoll Mulaku Atoll (Meemu)
  • Favre Atoll Nilandhé Atoll Uthuru (Faafu)
  • Daru Atoll Nilandhé Atoll Dhekunu (Dhaalu)
  • Taya Atoll Kolhumadulu (Thaa)
  • Hadhdhunmathi (Laamu) in Laamu Atoll
  • Huvadhu Atoll Uthuru (Gaafu-Alif) in North Suvadhu Atoll
  • Gaafu Dhaalu atoll Huvadhu Atoll Dhekunu (Gaafu-Dhaalu)
  • Fua Mulaku (Ñaviyani), Ganaviyani Atoll
  • Male Malé
  • Adu City Addu (Seenu)


The Maldives is a presidential republic, and the president is the head of government and head of state with extensive powers. The President heads the executive branch and also serves as the Minister of Defense. He appoints cabinet members, subject to the approval of the People’s Assembly. The current president is Abdullah Yamin. The People’s Assembly has a total of 85 representatives from various regions.


Gayoom has been in power for nearly 30 years. He suppressed opposition parties and illegally arrested opponents before the opposition party marches on November 11, 2006.

On September 29, two suspected Sunni terrorists in the capital of Male outside of Central Park, because throwing homemade bombs, resulting in eight Chinese, two British, and the two US injured were arrested.

    In the 2008 presidential election, Gayoom, the representative of the ruling party, lost to Muhammad Nasheed, who represented the opposition, and ended his nearly 30-year dictatorship.

    After a police mutiny broke out in the country on February 7, 2012, and mass demonstrations lasted for several weeks, Mohamed Nasheed announced at a TV press conference that he would resign as the President of the Maldives and hand over the power of the President to Vice President Hasan.

     On October 13, 2016, the Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement stating that in view of the unfair and unfair treatment given to the Maldives by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and the Commonwealth Secretariat for a long time, the Maldives government decided to leave the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has been trying to become an active participant in the internal affairs of Malaysia, which violates the Charter of the United Nations and the Commonwealth.

2018 Maldives political crisis

    On February 1, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that the verdict on former President Mohammed Nasheed and others was politically motivated and controversial. The decision to overturn the verdict and order a retrial was welcomed by the opposition and Western countries. The ruling ordered the opposition to obtain a majority in the 85-member parliament and can initiate the impeachment proceedings in the parliament. However, the Yamin government has indicated that it will not follow. Since the verdict, Yaming has successively fired two police chiefs who have claimed that they will execute the verdict.

 The Maldivian military police blocked the Parliament building on February 3. Attorney-General Mohamed Anil made a televised speech on February 4, stating that the Supreme Court tried to overthrow the president. On the same day, Congress announced an indefinite adjournment. On the same day, two opposition members who were restored to the Supreme Court’s seats and ended their exile were in The airport was arrested, and the country’s political crisis has rapidly increased in recent days.


The Maldives National Defense (Maldives National Defense) is a joint security force responsible for defending the sovereignty and security of the Maldives.


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The Maldives is a founding member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation and joined the Commonwealth in 1982, which is 17 years after the independence of the United Kingdom. In October 2016, the Maldives announced its withdrawal from the Commonwealth to protest the Great Britain Association’s criticism of the country on corruption and human rights.


The China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge is located in the North Male Atoll of Maldives, across the Gaadhoo Koa Strait, connecting the three adjacent islands of Male Island, Airport Island (Hulu Island), and Hulhumale Island. Construction started on December 30, 2015, And officially opened on August 30, 2018, it is the most important island connection project in the Maldives.

sea planes

Due to environmental factors, the Maldives cannot build railways within the territory, but there is still Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, which is the main external transportation hub of the Maldives, and many international airlines have routes at the airport. But the country’s private airline Mega Airlines due to corporate restructuring and no investor funded has ceased operation in May 2017. The national airline of the Maldives, the national airline of Maldives, mainly operates inter-island flights. It also has a few international flights to India, Bangladesh, and China.

Another international airport on Gan Island, the southernmost tip of the Maldives is Gan Island International Airport. The current international routes include Gan Island- Chongqing ( Jiangbei ), Gan Island- Seoul ( Incheon ), Gan Island- Hong Kong, Gan Island- Colombo ( Bandaranaike ). The main means of transportation between the islands in the Maldives are ships, seaplanes, and inland aircraft. The capital, Male, covers an area of   1.5 square kilometers, and bicycles, motorcycles, and small cars are mostly used.


The composition of Maldives’ exports.

In history, Maldives once exported a large number of shells, which was a common currency in prehistoric times. In the second century AD, these islands were called “money islands” by the Arabs. During the slave trade period, Western countries introduced a large number of Maldivian shells to Africa.

The Maldives is an island country with a very narrow land area. The industrial and agricultural standards are low. Fisheries, shipping, and tourism are the three major economic pillars. The Maldives was still not a well-known tourist destination in the early 1970s. In recent years, with the development of tourism, tourism income has reached more than 28% of the gross national product, accounting for 60% of Maldives’ foreign exchange income. Government taxation More than 90% comes from import taxes and tourist taxes.

Kurumba Resort, located on Bandos Island, was the first tourist resort in the Maldives. It opened in 1972 and changed the economy of Maldives. In 2008, there were a total of 89 resorts in the Maldives, providing 17,000 beds and receiving more than 600,000 tourists each year. The number of resorts in the Maldives increased from two in 1972 to 92 in 2007.

The population of the Maldives

Male is the capital of the Maldives. The population of the Maldives from 2000 to 2012.

  • Population.
  • years     million
  • 1950       0.07
  • 2000       0.3
  • 2018       0.5

Ms. Ma Erde mouth to Dhivehi people as the main component of ethnic groups, the ethnic groups, including the scope of activities in the history of modern India and the Maldives islands of Minicoy, Lakshadweep. Dhivehi people have a common culture, and to Maldivian language as a medium of communication, which belongs to the Indo – Aryan, and Sinhalese are closely related, genetically analysis, and the Middle East, South Asia, South Island nation with Traces of Africa.

In the 2006 census, the population of the Maldives was 298,968. The population growth rate of the Maldives reached its highest in 1985, at 3.4%, and the 2000 census showed that the country’s population growth rate was 1.9%. Life expectancy was 46 years in 1978, and it has now increased to 72 years. The infant mortality rate has dropped from 12.7% in 1977 to 1.2% today. There are more than 40,000 Bangladeshis in the Maldives, making it the country’s largest source of migrant labor. Other immigrants include foreign workers from the Philippines and a small number of Western countries emigrating.

Maldivian language

Dhivehi is the official language and common language of Maldives. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch and has similarities with Sinhala. The earliest document recorded in Divisi is Eveyla Akuru, which is a record of the king. The writing system called Dhives Akuru has been used for a long period of time. Today it uses letters to write from right to left. English is also often used by locals in the Maldives.

  Religion in the Maldives (2010).

According to Maldivian law, all the population of the country believes in Islam. After a long history dominated by Buddhism, Islam was introduced to Muslim merchants, and Madame Maldives converted to Islam in the 12th century. The Maldives belonged to Sufism for a long time and appeared on the architecture of the tomb.


The Maldives is a Muslim country. The dress code is conservative. Women wear long skirts to cover their bodies and men wear long trousers. Although the Maldives is a famous island tourist destination, skinny swimming is illegal in the Maldives.

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In terms of food culture, pork, crabs, and shellfish are not eaten in accordance with halal canon. Common meats are poultry, lamb, eggs, and fish. Gallia is used to entertaining guests and banquet food. It contains staple food-noodle cake, potato, and steamed banana; soup-coconut meat, onion, lemon juice, and fish soup.

The singing and dancing culture of Maldives is deeply influenced by East African culture and South Asian culture. BODUBERO is a coconut tree wooden drum, which is a percussion instrument used for singing and dancing.

1. Full Moon Island

  Full Moon Beach Resort (Full Moon Beach Resort) is very famous in the Maldives, about 6 kilometers from the airport. Many varieties of flowers grow in the resort, colorful and full of floral fragrance. The beach rooms are hidden in dense green surroundings. The floating house is built on the clear lagoon. Diving schools, sports centers, tennis courts, gymnasiums, beach volleyball, table tennis, swimming pools, discos, karaoke, and other facilities are all available. Tourists can also participate in sea roaming, canoeing, water biking, catamarans, Windsurfing, cross-island combat,

2. Komandoo Island

 Introduction Komandoo Island is relatively small, and it only takes 30 minutes to visit the whole island. Kathmandu Island is about 130 kilometers away from Male International Airport and the journey takes about 1 hour. There are 45 wooden bungalows with corridors extending to the beach on the island. In Kathmandu Island, diving is an activity you can’t miss. The colorful coral reefs decorate the sea attractions of Kathmandu Island unique and charming. This is a treasure house of nature and a dream paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Indoor activities: You can exercise your muscles by playing beach volleyball or tennis. Water activities: Dhoni’s sunset sailing will add a beautiful touch to your trip to the Maldives. At the same time, diving and sailing courses are offered here. Hiking activities: An outing will be organized here every two weeks. Of course, it mainly depends on the weather and the number of tourists. You will have the opportunity to approach the Maldivian fishing village.

        Dining/Accommodation/Shopping Main Restaurant: A self-service restaurant with, a simple and tropical layout is the biggest feature here. It adopts a fully open design and is planted with bamboo all around. Kathmandu Island Coffee Shop: only offers fast food such as sandwiches and hamburgers. Here are the best wines. Transportation Kathmandu Island is about 130 kilometers away from Male International Airport and the journey takes 1 hour. First, take a 45-minute flight from North Male

3. Kani Island

Most of the activities on Kani Island are free: there are snorkeling and deep diving (diving at your own expense), catamaran (SAIL), windsurfing (WINDSURFING) on the beach, kayaking (single CANOE, double KAYAK) ). Before participating in these programs, you must take a free training course. You must make an appointment for the course.

After learning the course, you can play it during the opening hours. Introduction The hotel on Kani Island is operated by the famous Club Med. In addition to feeling the charming island scenery, you can also feel the friendly people of the hotel staff. Kani Island is said to be an “oasis garden” in the Indian Ocean.

      It is also said that Kani Island is a poetic island, a holiday destination that people will never forget. Because on Kani Island, the beaches, seawater, and palm trees, all carry a sense of isolation and detachment as if they have not been contaminated with a trace of human breath. Those who love diving should come to Kani Island, where there is a very spectacular underwater world, swimming with underwater creatures is a wonderful experience. Couples who are in love should also come to Kani Island.

The pure white and clean beach will give people the most romantic feeling. There are three types of rooms on the dining/accommodation/shopping island: superior rooms, villas, and water houses. The prices range from low to high. However, some of the water houses here have large sea currents, so please be careful when you enter the water. The restaurant is open for a long time every day, breakfast: 7:00-10:00; lunch: 12:00-14:00; dinner 19:00-22:00.

4. Robinson Island

Robinson Island is located in the remote southern reefs of the South Central Province of Maldives, to the southwest of the capital Male’ and slightly north on the equator. Robinson Island Resort is derived from the famous German one-price all-inclusive hotel brand Robinson. The hotel opened at the end of 2009 and belongs to the one-price all-inclusive island, which is more worry-free.

Among the tourists going to the island for vacation, Chinese are more, accounting for almost half of all tourists; followed by a large number of German tourists and tourists from other countries in Europe and America, and a small number of tourists from Japan, South Korea, and other countries. Robinson Island retains the original white sand beaches and coral reefs. The water villa is also equipped with 4 large glass floors for you to watch the wonderful underwater world.

     The resort atmosphere in the hotel is relaxed and casual, and the decoration style is classical and natural. The island provides a total of 101 rooms for tourists, including 50 garden villas, 25 beach villas, 25 lagoon villas, and 1 lagoon suite, meeting the needs of different tourists. Among them, the indoor space of the garden villa is 90 square meters, the area is not small, the decoration is not inferior, but the garden villa is built near the head of the island, where many tall coconut trees grow, in order to protect these trees during the development of the hotel.

Cut it off, and had to sacrifice the view of the room. The 97-square-meter beach villa is located by the water. The spacious bungalows can feel the ocean breeze. The well-prepared beach house allows you to see the sea beyond the low plants in front of the house. The 115-square-meter lagoon villa is located on the water. From the glass floor of the living room, you can watch the underwater creatures, and you can also enjoy the sunbath on your private balcony

5. Jumeirah Dwanafushi Island

 With the mark of innate luxury, Dubai Jumeirah’s first island resort, Jumeirah Dwanafushi Island Resort, opened in January 2011. It inherits the unparalleled noble quality of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. It is developed from the natural uninhabited island-Dewanafushi Island. It has a superior natural environment. All villas are equipped with infinity pools and large terraces and can provide private butler services.

Jumeirah Dwanafushi Island is located in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll (Gaafu Alifu Atoll) 400 kilometers south of the Maldives capital Male City. This is a pleasant area with magnificent scenery, surrounded by natural coral reefs. This comfortable resort has 22 island villas, providing a distinctive accommodation experience, as well as an exclusive floating village called “Hermitage Collection”, including 16 villas on the sea, isolated from the main island.

    The “Hidden Resort” is magnificent and magnificent, and is designed for the most discerning tourists to bring a truly unique and isolated luxury experience. Those villas called “Revives and Sanctuaries” are between 200 and 600 square meters in size. They can view the stunning sea scenery and have direct access to the beach, and provide 24-hour butler service. This resort has three restaurants, a bar, offering a variety of food options, and a Talise Spa, which has water treatment rooms and a variety of sports

6. Willavaru Island

Willavaru Island is located in Nilandor South Atoll, Central Province of Maldives. Willavaru Island Resort is a hotel under the sister brand of Banyan Tree “Angsana” and one of only two resorts on the atoll. In 2009, the hotel built a brand new water pavilion on the east side of the main island. As soon as it came out, this room type became a hot spot for Maldives fans with its fantastic design and excellent price-performance ratio, and bookings were extremely popular.

Imagine how intoxicating a seaplane would be when gliding on the endless, turquoise blue water and then landing on a beautiful island! During your stay at Angsana Velavaru Resort, various adventure activities on tropical islands prepared for you will awaken your inner spirit of adventure, and come to those uninhabited islands and coastal coral reefs for a little Adventure, this is where the romantic sentiment germinates.

     Arm your lover, take a sunset cruise or spend your day on an uninhabited island. Spend a good time with your lover. Dolphins and turtles will accompany you and experience the fun of diving into the coral reef. In front of your villa, watch the wonderful and splendid underwater world! The activities available at Angsana Velavaru are numerous, including day trips, night fishing trips, as well as the resort’s own diving center and marine laboratory.

Angsana Resort is famous for its marine environmental protection. Here, you can plant a few corals by hand under the guidance of professional marine biologists to help protect the coral reefs. But if you really want to “do nothing and enjoy your holiday leisurely” you can choose to relax. Willavaru Island not only provides one spa but two, so you can enjoy yourself. Even heaven itself is nothing more than that?

7. Kuramathi Island

Kuramathi Island is located in North Yari Atoll, Maldives, about 35 kilometers away from Male International Airport. It takes 15 minutes by seaplane and 90 minutes by speedboat. Kuramathi is the longest resort island in Madai, originally composed of three hotels of different styles. At the end of 2009, the three parties were renovated and integrated and became the Kuramathi Resort under Universal’s focus. It gathers all the characteristics of the Maldives you can imagine. Whether you like lively young tourists or honeymoon couples yearning for tranquility, you can find your own place here.

Kuramathi Island is the most beautiful small atoll in the Maldives. It has a long and narrow body with a length of 1.5 kilometers. The coconut-covered round huts are permeated with primitive style. A rustic sea hut on the beach is Kula. The characteristic of Marti Resort Hotel, even if it takes 90 minutes to take a speedboat from the airport, it still cannot stop the tourists from yearning for it. Kuramathi Island is a beautiful paradise on earth, where you will be fascinated by the beautiful natural scenery and nostalgic.

On this small island, the same hotel group has developed 3 different types of resorts, namely the Village, Blue Lagoon, and Country Club. The blue lagoon is integrated with the restaurant, bar, and wooden promenade of the country club, stretching to the white sand beach, and a cross corridor built from the sand to the sea, stringing the sea cottages into four bedrooms and one area with scattered views, pushing open the floor-to-ceiling windows You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky. There are not too many artificial fakes on the small atolls, let alone luxurious and magnificent, but nature, purity, and simplicity here are involuntarily cared for.

8 Mirihi Island

Mirihi Island is located in the Aarinan Atoll of the North Central Province of Maldives. “Mirihi” means a beautiful island full of small yellow flowers. The warm waters bloom with the light of the Indian Ocean. This is the tropical island country of your dreams. It takes 30 minutes to get to the island by seaplane from Male Airport, and you will fly over several beautiful Maldivian islands and atolls on the way.

Viewed from a high altitude, Mirihi Island is like a sapphire inlaid in the Indian Ocean. It is 350 meters long and 50 meters wide, with shiny white sandy beaches and tall palm trees swaying in the wind. Here, walking barefoot on the island is the best way to get close to nature. White talc-like sandy beaches, green-blue transparent waters, and breathtaking coral reefs all make up a picture of paradise on earth. The Mermaid Lagoon is surrounded by islands, unique coral atolls, and colorful fish. You can explore the underwater garden during your leisure time.

Milixi is a relatively small and special resort among all Maldives resorts. Milixi offers luxury and privacy like some Maldivian resorts, and it should be emphasized that Milixi is more unique. Mirihi Island Resort has 30 beautifully decorated overwater villas and 6 beach villas. All villas are well-equipped, comfortable, and warm, with a dew-pool and luxurious freshwater shower, and direct access to the beach. The restaurant of the resort offers a variety of international specialties and local seafood. During leisure time, visitors can enjoy the sunset while drinking on the viewing platform. It is a great enjoyment of life.

9. Poduhiti Island

Poduhiti Island is located in the North Male Atoll, 29 kilometers away from Male International Airport. It takes about 40 minutes to reach by speedboat. Its island resort is a subsidiary of Coco Palm. Colo Palm is a hotel chain. There are two islands in the Maldives: Bodu Hithi and Dhuni Kolhu. The prices of the two islands are similar, the decoration style is similar to Hilton, but the price is cheaper than Hilton.

Boduhithi Island Resort was redesigned by European and American masters in 2005 and turned into an ecological resort with stylish facilities and tropical inspiration. All the rooms here are equipped with swimming pools, and the decoration style is unique. Bamboo and palm are the most common themes. The luxuriant tropical plants on the island are also an enviable highlight. The floating house on the island is built on the blue-green lagoon. The clear water and the blue of all levels play a high-level holiday enjoyment of vision, imagination, vision, and beauty.

Those topwater house villas and presidential villas on the sea will have an ocean view that will make you feel infinitely warm and romantic. Whether you are sunbathing, dining, resting, or enjoying the beautiful sea view, it is a great enjoyment. Poduhiti Island Resort has also carefully prepared various relaxing entertainment activities for travelers, such as diving, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, Coco spa, yoga, gym, volleyball, tennis courts, etc.

paradise Island Resort & Spa Maldives 2020

10. Banana Leaf Island

Banana Leaf Island is located in the Aarilam Atoll of Maldives. The island has beautiful scenery, fine and white beaches, excellent quality, and well-preserved coral reefs. It is a rare diving destination! Similar to the business model of other islands and hotels in the Maldives, Banana Leaf Island Resort is a boutique hotel integrating perfect nature and modern facilities. After a full renovation in 2010, a newly built over-sized water house with first-class facilities was built. Three meals a day, super cost-effective!

Banana Leaf Island Resort is one of the best four-star resorts in the Maldives. It is 90 kilometers away from Male International Airport and is one of the pearls between the Maldives Islands. Banana Leaf Island is more famous for the swaying coconut trees and white sandy beaches in the tropical island. The island is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, and corals and various fishes are clearly visible.

Banana Leaf Island Resort provides 25 modern water villas and 45 beach villas, 4 garden villas, and pool villa suites for the majority of tourists who love here. The construction of these houses combines the unique natural environment around the island, allowing you to stay indoors You can enjoy the beauty here to the maximum.

Coming to Banana Leaf Island, you must experience the world-renowned spa services, known for their professionalism and excellent treatments, focusing on integrity, simplicity, purity, and quality. The therapist’s treatment combines chemical-massage technology, pure organic compounds follow nature, and take care of personalized ways to double the health and beauty of each guest.

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